Fresh Flower by Tonkin Liu



Architects Tonkin Liu have designed this temporary pavilion to house discussions during the London Festival of Architecture, which starts tomorrow.


Commissioned by the festival and steelmaker Corus, Fresh Flower consists of arching petals that shelter a rotating stage.


The pavilion will move between various venues during the festival.


The London Festival of Architecture is at venues across London from 20 June - 20 July. Details at

Here's more info on Fresh Flower from the festival:


Tonkin Liu, Fresh Flower

Tonkin Liu’s ‘Fresh Flower’ comprises 11 petals that rise off the ground, arching around a central stalk to create a space within which a moveable stage rotates. LED lights rising from the stalk will illuminate the pavilion. It will be constructed entirely from Corus products including tube and sheet steel. When erected the floor area of the structure will cover 97m2, with the petals ranging from 2.7 to 4.3 metres high.

Structural Engineer: Adams Kara Taylor
Fabric Engineer: David Dexter
Fabricator: Mike Smith Studio
Fabric fabricator: MIllimetre
Lighting Sponsor: Thorn

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  • Rockstar

    Chiquita bananas…

  • I feel sorry for anyone with allergies, that pollens lible to assault you :p

  • Tyler

    What happens to these materials when the festival is over? Can they all be 100% recycled? If not this is such a waste of energy and materials.

  • Tells it like it is

    Tyler …. you’re a moron!

  • DJ


  • MYMY

    Tyler is correct, we need to be looking at what we are doing, critically, immediately. There isn’t room for this type of stuff, or anything on this site really. That’s just me “telling it like it is”.


    Tyler… you are a “pé no saco”!!!

  • qill

    what is fresh and where are flowers? !

  • mike

    just a bit literal?

  • bald skull

    the design doesn’t bother me so much, but it’s the floor/base/footing (not sure what to call it) connections that interfere with things for me.

  • andresr

    even if it were decent looking, which it most definitely is not, the fact that the cheesy “petals” need that kind of support at the tips renders it, in my opinion, absolutely lacking in any design criteria…
    these people dont deserve the exposure this site provides them!

  • Tyler

    Why am I a moron? The least you could do is intelligently critique what I’ve said rather than resorting to childish insults.

  • 9ham

    this idea from banana tree…oh banana (Vietnamese usually say its)

  • the other mike

    I agree with the other comments about the support for the petals… does not look good!! too pragmatic for a design so small.

  • dan

    was there any form of competition for this? i don’t think so. i’m sure we could find way better stuff than that old banana trunk.

  • This kind of 1 to 1 methaphors are so primitive… You expect to see some concept at least a bit more developed than that for London Festival of Architecture!!! Any first year design (Arch/Interior/industrial) student can think of something more developed than that!

  • BIFF



  • Stud

    It’s like a bad, amateur version of Gage/Clemenceau’s PS1 entry.

  • dan

    ..let’s not exaggerate. there isn’t anything worse or more amateur than Gage/Clemenceau.

  • Slimfender

    Yeah I have to agree with Tyler and with Scarlet. How is this design? I think I saw this fixture on SIM Themepark yeah? … and we also need to think about what happens to make things, everything, and where will it end up after it’s “purpose” is served… because i’ll tell you right now, i’m not taking that home with me after the festival is over. Maybe we could give it to a group of carnies?

  • longlegs

    the really pathetic part is that yes, this is project is a really bad version of Gage Clemenceau’s entry for PS1
    submission can be seen here:

    The disturbing thing is that project was a really bad rip-off of the year before’s winner: Hernan Diaz Alonso. (some good images here)

  • boy who cries wolf

    so basically what everyone is saying is that they rather see an umbrella like form then a banana peel. It does what it suppose to do – not at best but an attempt. I doubt any first year students can design such a simple structure. But one can only imagine what the other entries were for this competition? Was this the top people’s choice?

  • Vero

    why make things simple when we can easily complicated them..

  • Tyler

    I am a moron .lol.. thanks for pointing it out guys

  • Samuel Teague

    My Dad Matthew Teague made the concept for it.