Lamp OOO by Sergio Mannino and Jan Habraken

Italian architect Sergio Mannino and Dutch designer Jan Habraken have collaborated on Lamp OOO, a deliberately un-green light that uses incandescent bulbs rather than low-energy ones.


The lamp is designed to hold a stack of books and the designers are releasing a limited edition of 99 of the lamps that come complete with a hand-selected and signed set of books.


Here's some info from Habraken (with some original spelling):


Lamp OOO is the first collaboration between italian architect Sergio Maninno (1969) and dutch designer Jan Habraken (1975). Sergio Mannino started his career in italy wit a crossbreed between art and architecture. With praise by late Ettore Sottsass Mannino created his
rst furniture concepts at the Postdesign-Memphis gallery in Milan.

After few years of being the principal of renown Studio 63 in New York he is now starting his own office focusing on architecture, interiors and product design.

Jan Habraken studied at the worldwide acclaimed Design Academy Eindhoven after a shortened study of architectural engineering. Habraken immediately started succesfull designrm WATdesign and recently opened his own studio in New York.

Sergio and Jan met through their common love for design. More specifically Sergio fell in Love with the plastic diamond ring from byAMT, while Jan fell in love with Alissia Melka-Teichroew, owner of byAMT.

Their love for architecture and design made them decide to start collaborating on a few projects. The results of this collaboration are two booth designs at the ICFF 2008 (for Kikkerland and Charles and Marie) and lamp OOO.

Lamp OOO is the rst out of a series of lights. The light is a nice blend of Italian architecture and the smart Dutch Design. Most remarkably is the fact that the light contains three 10 watts light bulbs in an era where compact fluorescent (CFL) lights are a must. This deliberate choice was made to let people think differently instead of following the "green" herd. These 3 light bulbs are a better choice for nature, even if too many out there are trying to convince you about the opposite.

The energy to make the CFL bulbs and the energy to recycle it (when you do it and you don't let the mercury spill in the dumpster) are in no comparison to the energy it saves. Not talking about the danger of millions of lamps containing mercury and the health of the people in the factories that produce them. After all, we also all have to admit that the light of the standard bulb is far more pleasant than the new LED or CFL's.

The light is a stylish ornament which can be stuck in between a pile of books. While looking for a suitable manufacturer to mass produce the lamp, Mannino and Habraken will sell their light, together with a stack of books personally handpicked and signed, in a limited edition of 99 pieces. Each lamp will have different books: design can be many different things, not only function and efficiency, and each one of them will tell a different story.