Flooded London by Squint/Opera 2



Following requests from readers of our earlier story, we have now got hold of the full set of images in the Flooded London series by Squint/Opera.


The images depict imaginary scenes in London in 2090, when rising sea levels have inundated the city.


See the earlier story for a full explanation of the project from Squint/Opera, plus details of where you can see them exhibited in London this month.






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  • Fling

    These are optimistic images. Even though London is hopelessly flooded, they have seemingly taken the effort to replace the white oak floor in the Tate modern with a walnut.

  • Marcelo

    believe me Marcus Fairs, you is good for design stuff, only !!!!

  • as·ton·ish·ing

  • That water is crystal clear. Looks like a wonderful place to live.

  • mehmet

    Can’t wait for global warming to improve the London weather.

  • Looks like they’re all happy camping. But I think the reality will be far less pleasant. No more Underground. Utilities like clean water, sewer, gas and electric become problematic. Hundreds of millions of coastal refugees fleeing to higher ground, only to make life all the more miserable for the people who already live there. Not a world I would look forward to.

    • camolot the creator

      We’d lose Florida! And minor parts of some European countries? One or two low-lying Pacific islands? Goddammit, we’d barely notice if it happened.

  • Gama

    could do for an excellent illustration of J. G. Ballard’s book.

  • I love it, these are amazing pictures.

  • orion

    As well they should. Walnut does the Tate much better, IMHO.

  • Mr. F

    Wonderful talent.

    Alarmist bullshit.

    ABS FTW.

  • Marsha

    Incredibly creative – great vision!

  • Didn’t recognize a thing, and I only left London 40 years ago after 20 years there, so you can see how it’s all ALREADY changed!
    (iwmpop) mr le marquis.

  • Alarmist bullshit. ?

    I think not.

  • strike

    Oh, come on – “millions of coastal refugees”?

    75% of the world’s population would probably have died out already from starvation (due to loss of farmland) and subsequent resource wars.

    Sheesh, Chuck. Get a grip.

    (On the other hand, global warming trends are always followed by varyingly precipitous global cooling trends – read “Ice Ages” – so the pics are just a fantasy after all. Now if everyone in the images were wearing mukluks while ice fishing…)

  • Fee, figh, foe, fum! I smell the rub-a-dub of some English sea scum! You blokes knew what you were getting into when you sailed from Anglia and Saxony to Britain, then occupied by the Romans and Celts. It’s been a good 1600 years — your empire reached around the globe and spawned a country that would ultimately dissolve into the grey goo of George W. Bush. Time to pack it in and head for the highlands of Wales and Scotland!

  • Nice one, but we saw the opposite future in 2039 – no water left in our version.

    Check Year 2039 photogallery at:


  • Bruce Dearborn Walker

    Does EVERYTHING have to reflect the New Socialist Realism or whatever? Does every piece of art have to show the dystopian future? Sure, if things go south and we can’t make artificial fertilizer we’ll lose three or four billion people to starvation in the first two years, but after that things will settle down and there’ll be time for fishing and tinkering with bicycles and diving off balconies. And little girls will still wear white dresses and play hide and seek. If you want to look at paintings of mass graves and famines, paint ’em yourself.

    And quit whining. You sound like my grandmother.

  • Maybe the white oak at the Tate was irreparably water stained?

  • Those CGI guys have been busy ! The technology still is not quite there, everything looks a bit to clean and glossy but keep trying.

  • Victoria

    Stunning stuff! I’d imagine the water, especially in the St. Mary’s plate, to be MUCH dirtier though as London is not the cleanest of cities! I think my favourite is the St. Paul’s one.

  • Picture are wonderful beautiful. these picture are very lowely.

  • sophia

    I love the fantasy elements within this work, there is such a dream-like escapist quality…just goes to show how nature always has a way of pulling through.

  • Great posting. Thanks for shairing that

  • Rich

    JG Ballard, The Drowned World…read it. What a copy

  • kimul

    Graphic is wonderful!

  • very good article…;)

  • Certainly go along with admn. At last a writter has the balls to say it like it is.