Sunny Day by Aleksandra Stratimirovic



Sunny Day by Stockholm-based lighting artist Aleksandra Stratimirovic is an installation made of over four thousand glass medical phials filled with coloured liquids, which combine to produce an image of a girl beside a lake.


The work was recently shown at the Lighting Guerrilla festival in Ljubljana, Slovenia.


Stratimirovic was joint winner of the Targetti Light Art Award this year.


Here's some more info about Sunny Day:


Sunny day

The work is at close range a collection of more then four thousand small medical glass containers filled with different coloured liquids, in a sterile laboratory framework with a fluorescent backlight. When taking a couple of steps back the vivid image of a girl appears, standing at a lakeside, with summer blue sky above. The work has been shown in Vzigalica gallery between 28th May 13th June, at the Svetlobna Gverila festival in Ljubljana, Slovenia.


Aleksandra Stratimirovic is the winner of the first prize of the Targetti Light Art Award, announced on the ArteFiera in Bologna in January 2008. Her prize-winning work Girl with icecream is now part of the Fondazione Targetti Light Art Collection, placed in the Villa La Sfacciata, Florence.

She is artist with interest in light. She is also core member of the Transnational Lighting Detectives group dedicated to lighting culture.

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  • Tyler

    overthinked imho :/

  • Andrew S.

    Wonderful! i love the use of something so sterile (the medical tubes) to create the finished product.

  • I suppose so

  • Nice..seems like we see these pixelized images quite often now.. Is it art? or are we trying to figure out new ways to compose an image with small specs of different colours, whatever it may be. Hmm. This one’s ok. Can’t wait to see a curved or complex shape one.. or something within architecture. :) Nice

  • milos

    sandra, svaka cast!

    divan ti je rad.

  • steve


  • Beautiful artwork!

  • see photos of my work… same concept, years later… ach well.

  • morgan

    1. the idea. 2. the actual doing this elaborate thing. 3.ok you see it and think it’s peanuts but quite simply you dint at all get there and do it yourself. she did. kudos to her! no idea wondering what is and isn’t art. art is where you find it. great job!

  • Adam Stanhope

    Exceptional work.

    I’m curious to how the dye in the bottles will break down and change over time.

  • Adam Stanhope

    The “girl” in the picture is her, is it not?