Tableware by Kathryn Hinton



Designer Kathryn Hinton displayed her tableware at the Royal College of Art Show One in London earlier this month.


Pieces include lettering on the prongs of forks that correspond with words imprinted in bowls and the Exhausted range (below), where cutlery follows the shape of objects it appears to collapse onto. Above: Non-sharing bowl



Here's some more information from Hinton:


The tableware I make is inspired by components and interconnecting units. My research currently looks at the role of cutlery in different table settings with emphasis on their function as connecting elements. Below: personal fork


I am creating diverse collections of flatware which translate the different aspects of my concept. The pieces have an individual aesthetic and change into new forms when they playfully interact with each other.

The pieces come together through the lettering shown on the tines of the fork and where it has been, leaving a mark. Another concept can be seen through the exhausted cutlery which flops over a plate or surface to interact with the tableware.

In the Exhausted range, the utensils take the form of the tableware they fall on. The pieces are exhausted by constant treatment and use.

The non sharing bowl is a double bowl with two forks that have 'MINE' in different fonts on the end of the tines. The bowls have 'MINE' in the two fonts etched randomly around to encourage competitive behavior.

The forked bowl incorporates the same idea but different lettering to show the forks function and where it has been leaving its mark.

The personal fork has my initials on as an example of a personal fork for hallmarking your food. I have done this with the intention that people can commission their own initials

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  • K. Rimane


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  • ujo

    Even more fun it would be to have “I WASN’T ME, IT WAS THE ONE-ARMED MAN” stamped on the razor.

  • Joaquin

    Wud be interesting to have the word 'FAT' or 'JUNK' stamped on the steak you're eating with those forks.

  • Honkie

    fabulous and fun

  • Marcelo

    nice sculptures ….

  • carlo

    useless / BORING !!!!

  • Carlo is wrong on both counts, poor boy. Excellent, fascinating work.

  • people would no longer be afraid of the scratchy sounds of cutlery against plates if they made such a pretty mark : P

  • Randall

    The cake server is especially interesting, I love that one.

  • charles

    its fun, but i dont think ill use it

  • … very funny !!! Useless ? Well… let me try it and I´ll write my opinion.

    … you can send me the entire set to my holyday retirement. Thanks, Kathryn !

  • tomalyla

    crazy….i really like the ones with the letters
    or maybe someday there will be a little strawberry on the fork….muuuuuuh….

  • Nisa

    Looks fun! Can I have a set? :)

  • cake server is brilliant! I agree!! interesting and fun! why not! C’est la vie!

  • ambroise

    interresting maybe artistic or ironic but nothing about considering convenience.

  • Très joli…

  • Those type utensils are simply brilliant!

  • Jen

    It’s all fun and games until you can’t get the food crud out of the letter M.

  • Is it a specific typeface?

    Nice job!

  • Cool!
    I want one. Nice job.

  • Beautiful! I love the fork labeled “FORK,” as well as the melting silverware.

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  • urjwan

    Love it!!

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  • Daniel

    im exploring form of design in cutelry now at university, this is great, very imaginitve and inspiring

  • ola!

    It looks like inspired by Dali’s The Persistence of Memory! Great !

  • Lila

    Amazing. Do these people have another brain stuffed in their pocket?

  • sev

    I love the idea, but cringe at the thought of chipping a tooth on one of those forks. Perhaps the execution should be explored further?

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