Casa 11 Mujeres by Mathias Klotz



Photographer Cristobal Palma has sent us these images of Casa 11 Mujeres (Eleven Women House), a cliff-top house near Santiago in Chile by architect Mathias Klotz.


Designed as a holiday home to accommodate a family with eleven daughters, the house is built on a 45 degree slope.


Here's some more information from Mathias Klotz:


“ELEVEN WOMAN” house is a vacation home at Beranda. It stands on a site sloping down to Cachagua beach on the Pacific, 140 kilometers north of Santiago, Chile.


The brief was to provide a second home laid out on three levels for a couple with eleven daughters whose ages range from four to twenty, and to provide all services, a master bedroom, and spaces for entertaining and guests.


The site is on terrain with a steep slope (about 45 degrees), which offers a splendid view of the beach. The three stories are laid out as follows: the plinth is used for the shared spaced and includes a games room and TV room; the intermediate level contains the bedrooms of the eleven daughters, as well as two living rooms for different age groups; the upper level contains the services, the master bedroom, living room, and the family dining room.


Planned in bare concrete with travertine floors, “ELEVEN WOMAN” house adapts to the contours of its site by its extremely compact layout so as to offer splendid views from every room.


The terraces are spacious and protect the user from the strong southern winds, while a system of hinged shutters solves the problem of the glare on the west side.





















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  • Roy

    Shouldn’t there be some handrails on that upper ledge or at least a safety net beneath? Also some of the stairs wouldn’t pass code in the States and one platform that looked like the handrails were at knee height instead of 42″.

    Other then that, fine building, pretty dramatic.

  • Név*



    very sensual very simple very very nice!!!!!!!!

  • pablo

    it´s a nice house with nice wiews. Perfect for the pacific ocean. Cogratulations.

  • Viktor Mari

    god love the natural light in all the rooms! thats my dream home.

  • leandro locsin

    good detail, lightwell & luminaire in one hole =)

  • Wonderful….. a brilliant work!

  • Jorge rojas

    Viendo este proyecto pienso en la gran posibillidad y responsabilidad que tenemos los arquitectos de crear espacios consecuentes con la naturaleza, en armonía con la creacion de Dios.
    Sencillamente exquisito.

  • my favorite part is the rectilinear angles

  • fra


  • Don

    I’m thinking Howard Roark….

  • moe

    wow! Thanks.

  • orod

    the architecture is trying to be simple,but to have a simple architecture we should let the architecture to be itself.!

  • Enrique

    I agree with Peter on the site comment. Klotz has really selected where to land the concrete cubes. I’m not sure if its right or wrong, but definitely something to point out, in the sense that these houses need the surroundings to be something different. Nice house, excellent site. Clever Klotz.

  • Enrique

    Now, the one to really congratulate is the photographer!!

  • roberto

    I am 58,once more I kick my backside for never be an architect and have a qualification to be in such project like you.Those types of angles,concrete,glass and the terrain I would love,like you, be drugged in to it. My sincere congratulation. Roberto Australia residente ,Brasilian by heart and birth.

  • Loù

    Fantastic! Abit too many steps for my taste, but phenomenol work. Love the minimalism, adore the forms, respect the language and admire the location. A perfect capture for each photo.

  • himmelsrichtungen

    great design, especially the attention to the spatial design. although the picture with the person standing on the platform with no railings whatsoever isn’t appealing…
    isn’t that dangerous? who builds a deck with no railings or support?

  • george

    unbelievable space……………

  • ewe

    great at all levels! photographs absolutely amazing!

  • ritix

    el detalle de la estufa, cuek!!!!, mas trabajo en el area de calefaccion.en general increible la ubicacion y las vistas desde la casa ………………..

  • Tom James

    Health and safety has gone mad these days. You can’t even build a one metre ledge with no wall that overlooks a certain death 10 metre drop onto solid concrete.

    Literally: what was he thinking here? It’ll be fine. Kids know loads about not accidentally pushing each other to their deaths.

    Nice views though.

  • Velma

    Awesome! Beautiful, Cool, Visceral! This is what architecture about!

    I love the material and colour palatte. Isn’t how the colours of the sunset play off on the wood amazing?

    I wonder if this is a house for just 1 family!

  • Velma

    Tom James,

    I’m not sure but don’t you think there’s a glass rail there! I really, seriously doubt that the ledge is unbarricaded/ unguarded.

  • john

    For the people who want to know about the place; it is a small town called Cachagua, 180kms north from Santiago, near Zapallar, one of the two loveliest sea-towns in the southern hemisphere.

  • The house has traces of “Fallingwater” of FLW.
    The ladder to the deck outdoor, the areas streamed, the large fireplace.
    Perfect construction, fantastic landscape.

  • LaoyeChan

    perfect for suicide

  • Kruto!

  • i will never stand at that point – its too high and too risky … nevermind the wind ..

  • hebubo

    Eine grauenvolle Vision. Kalt, unbewohnbar und wegen vieler Treppen ermüdend. Und es braucht 11 Frauen, die es sauber halten.

  • empress

    this is the first house to meet all my expectations- can i live there?

  • Cam

    Beautiful. Wow. Eleven Daughters hey? Perhaps a family made for fine design. I think I want to marry in to that family :p

  • DIana

    where can i find elevations and secitions??

  • djenina

    magnifique objet architectural, magnifique environnement, et une astucieuse fusion entre les 2. if one of the 11 women wants to exchange her room to a flat in france near the sea ,I would be agree

  • Bob

    a picturesque spot for suicide.

  • Lady

    don’t be so dark y’all. this kind of beauty inspires life not death. we’ve had the opportunity to jump of cliffs for millenia, there’s no reason to give this great structure a hard time because it repeats what’s already available in nature. this is definitely a house about which i would want to hear the occupant-participants’ narratives.

  • Stuart Haffenden

    I just love this shit

  • homayoun

    nice . no no no very nice !!! thank you Mathias

  • Russ

    11 Daughters – Don't just stand there and wish – Jump!

  • Nevena

    still the best of all

  • Matt27

    Can't help but think that open balcony looks like a safety hazard! haha. no railing or anything to stop you from falling!

    besides that, simply beautiful.

  • Santillini

    Love it. Remember Tugendhat House?

  • Inuri

    How can a man live with eleven daughters at home? That´s much more incredible than his amazing house and its view to the Pacific Ocean.

    By the way, good architecture has been done in Chile since the last 10 years. Is its secret at “Universidad de Valparaiso”?

  • Pure beauty. Now if only we could all afford it! lol

  • Jonathan Mennie

    Guess Building Control are a bit more lax in Chile, what with the Balcony of Death and all…

  • Jay

    Who could actually live here? I’m sure it would kill me, it’s too freakin’ beautiful!

  • Kyroturbation

    Great building! But poor child which grows up in such ascetic room.

  • Arvind Mukherjee

    A great house to have.

  • Michael

    One gust of wind and he’s gone!