Rebirth by Arne Quinze



Belgian designer and artist Arne Quinze created a temporary installation at five-star Parisian hotel Le Royal Monceau last month, before the hotel's closure for a year-long refurbishment.


The installation, called Rebirth, lasted just one night as part of Demolition Party, a VIP event on 26 June at which guests were invited to help destroy fixtures at the hotel.


Le Royal Monceau will reopen next year, with Philippe Starck designing the new interiors.


See all our stories about Arne Quinze here. Photos are by Pieterjan Mattan and Dave Bruel.


Here's some info from the designer:


Rebirth by Arne Quinze




REBIRTH is a unique futuristic and provoking wooden sculpture by Arne Quinze for the well-known and distinguished five-star Paris hotel Le Royal Monceau on Avenue Hoche. (Which has played host to Ernest Hemingway, Walt Disney, Michael Jackson and Robert De Niro to name but a few.)



The Art Deco temple will close its doors for an entire year while it undergoes a complete revamp by Philippe Starck. But the hotel doesn’t plan to go quietly, and gives an exclusive party.


In full contrast with the abundantly decorated interior, Arne Quinze will turn heads with a gigantic new futuristic art installation, and an exclusive selection of VIP guests are invited to take out their unresolved issues by partaking in a subsequent ‘Demolition Party’, where they are invited to smash, wreck and generally annihilate anything left standing.



The dazzling sculpture — which lasts for only one exclusive night — embraces the entire hotel building as a conquering and boldness alien stream, breaking through walls, corridors, stairways, lobbies and rooms.


With its 15 km of fluorescent red wood and 40 video screens, the carefully calculated endless flow of energy which REBIRTH represents, offers the public a mind-bowing experience.


REBIRTH reflects the transition moment in which the building’s DNA reveals its disorder, history and countless stories. It bursts out all it’s captured energy of the hotel’s last decades.


It is an organic fragmentation bomb that hangs still in the air, just for one moment, in perfect formation, before dissolving, disappearing and turning into a new, well-structured pattern again...










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  • leopoldo


  • larry seow

    whew! sheer madness! great to have a party like this!

  • rebecca

    Arne quinze is like the ego-maniac transvestite of the design scene.. Turn down the pink and orange! I’m trying to sleep here! This feels like a greenwich village halloween party.

    Way too much money spent on PR and not enough time spent on craft. This whole patchy-hobo wood instalation is getting annoying. Figure out how to detail a new interserestin connection.

  • Tyler

    I really love the look of this piece, but I am, as usual, concerned with the waste of materials put into this. I mean, it looks like a lot of wood and paint for a one night party. As designers I think we all have an obligation to lead the way in creating new and innovative, yet sustainable solutions to problems just like this one; and most importantly make sure that sustainability becomes a lasting lifestyle change rather than a passing fad.


    ‘I wanna kiss you in Paris’, Madonna said in Justify My Love in Royal Moncaue, filmed by Jean Baptiste Mondino in 1990 causing her ‘clip interdit’ to be banned by MTV.

    Marvellous artwork, true demolition party.

  • incedible!

  • charles

    stunningly indescribable…

  • utter awesomeness.

  • Charlotte

    I totally agree with Tyler.
    It looks amazing, really, but it’s such a waste…

  • jeroen

    punk is obviously as dead as that concept.
    his abilitiy to fool everyone and himself is notable though.

  • edward

    Fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!And the amount of debris that will be created by the renovation will drawf the material used in this imaginative installation. Great stuff!

  • massez

    well eh, provoking? :)
    It’s a beast!

  • Andres

    incredible! Very Alienish & reminds me war of the worlds movie.

  • Andrew S.

    Such a waste of not only wood, but of perfectly good fixtures that could be used elsewhere.
    Arne has been awfully repetitive as of late…

  • massez

    Uhhh Read the magazines! Since the big thing in Brussels every wooden installation of Quinze gets 100% recycled or re-used for other purposes afterwards.
    It’s not nuclear, fashionable ecoboys
    Love the energy Arne

  • I agree with rebecca and andrew.
    What is amazing about this installation is that Quinze can repropose undisturbed again and again the concept by the Campana brothers used for their ideal House in Koln!!!
    Waste of time and publication space.

  • JC

    The party was totaly insane also, the only thing that has not been destroyed was this installation I think, there were like 15 other contemporary art installation, all destroyed !

  • tiffany

    Mr. queen of copying again (sorry I can’t call him a king, couse he isn’t a man for sure). In 2006 he visited Burning Man in the desert of Nervada. For years they have been making structures like this, which they burn at the end of the festival.
    Look at this:
    He took the idea of the uchronians and applied it in other situations.
    Just image google uchronians. His work doesn’t even come close to what they do. He is such an ….. not worth the name designer. This been said, let’s ignore this man for ever from now on.

  • Caramatt

    When’s Arne going to move on from this? I guess he’s found his niche.



  • Charlotte

    Tiffany, Arne Quinze FOUNDED ‘the Uchronians’, together with Jan Kriekels from Jaga. He’s the designer of Uchronia, that’s been build in 2006 on the Burning Man festival, and which was the only one of its kind in the entire history of the festival.
    If you say he took the idea of the uchronians, that’s kind of funny.

  • rusak srg

    Tiffany : just to let you know… Arne is the co-founder of the Uchronians, this is maybe why is personal work looks exactly like…his personal work…less innovative in this “demolition” case, I agree, but still looking graffitically stunning !

  • unpopular

    he is so great, amazing, incredible… he is like the David Blaine of the art world.

  • cormac

    oh oh oh it seems that a lot of people do not know what there are talking about!
    Dear Tiffany: Arne was an Uchronian, he was the artist behind this! Check maybe websites instead of googling images :-)
    And if you do read the articles, indead you will find out everything is recycled. The wood is recycled and after an installation it will be used again for clients craving for an installation of Arne. Its just like this: some people like it and want it everywhere!

  • xtiaan

    this guy needs a new trick

  • cpcp

    this is too awesome!!!!

  • Leo Kim


    there is no discussion this is named a COPY: the Campana Brothers have been developing this language since 1993 and this is published worldwide in all medias.

    Wake up!

  • Luiza

    1993? The Favela chair is from 1991.

    Go Campanas!!

  • Luiza

    It is easy being a success when you are copying a piece that has already been awarded…

  • Tony

    There’s no business as showbusiness.
    He must have an incredibly extended PR team behind him.

    i like

  • Sarah


    Not really… either this is the same guy who built the “Belgian waffle” at Burning Man in 2006, or this guy saw the waffle and copied it. Please, please, PLEASE tell me he at least used reclaimed lumber to build this, and please tell me it was sent to be reused elsewhere when the installation was over!

  • Eva

    I agree with Rebecca too-

    There are some designers who put their personalities into the work, and I come to appreciate the work because of it – Jamie Hayon is a good example of that- He seems like an open, beautiful guy doing something he loves.

    Arne appears to me like a contrived ego-centric man who has a very well paid PR team behind him.
    This video gives me the same weird feeling I get when my friends parents tried to get me to sell them pot in highschool..

    way too contrived. yuk.

  • A destruction party is indeed terribly wasteful, but who among us can resist the urge to step on a crunchy leaf on the ground in autumn? We all have our destructive sides… some people can afford to fulfill them in swanky Paris hotels.

  • matilda

    I don’t think the campana’s ever build something spectacular as the belgian waffle in burningman??
    Its is just about how using wood in architecture, design or art… already done for century’s! Wood constructions are not relative for the campana brothers! Just like other materials / conections are not relative for one designer.
    And when will it stop on this blog-website to compare projects with other projects and design? Sentences like: ‘I’ve seen this …’ – ‘It looks like… Zaha, Campana Brothers, Hayon…
    Its getting boring!

    Sarah, do not worry. I think Cormac already gave the answers…

  • banana
  • absolutely amazing. the step bother of the shining.

  • Josephine

    I spotted Quinze today! Copycat or not, at least he’s dreaming, doing amazing and sexy things. Kind of everybody else in outer design space is doomed for the wheelchair…

    Arne for the world!

  • Anthony W.

    God! I want to see it for myself!

    Too fabulous!

  • Dominique Renard-Morris

    L’instatallation est incroyable, mais c’est scandaleux de demander a quiconque de detruire des toilettes ou des lavabos en bon etat. C’est de la delinquance organisee pour gens riches.

  • m

    Of course it’s like campana, it’s like an awfull lot of dutch design and sure a lot of berlin-type artists and remniscent of themes in the architectural work of Zaha Hadid and Herzog/de Meuron. And it’s not as groundbreaking revolutionary in the use of material as the Campanas were. But still his work is absolutely new and fabilous in the way it proves that simple use of material + energy can produce this incredible landscape, that seems to be able to extent endlessly. I really love the simpicity of it.

  • Luke

    Some really hilarious comments here – pontificating about him ripping off Uchronia when he actually made it; pontificating about him wasting materials when everything is waste or recycled anyway; if you're going to criticise, try to at least know what the hell you're talking about :-) Good work Arne!