Mizu spa by Stanley Saitowitz



Architect Stanley Saitowitz designed the interior of Mizu Spa, a day spa in San Francisco.


The communal area is used for manicures and pedicures, while private rooms at the back of the spa are used for facial and massage therapies.


The following text is from Saitowitz:


The project is a day spa in Mission Bay district of San Francisco, in an 1800 square feet bare concrete-space,


Mizu is water, which Mizu Spa embodies. The atmosphere is a tranquil stream. At the center is a river of rock, around which the communal therapy barge floats in space.


The walls are draped in shimmering mesh creating light and fluid edges. The horizontal surfaces of floor and ceiling are black. Everything else is pure and white.


Mizu Spa is a place for pampering, rejuvinating and transforming. Treatments include facials, massage and nails.


The central object is a prosthetic throne to sit on. Soft pads pamper the body. Arms rest, hands support, feet soak, and the provider glides around on stools.


Behind the communal therapy area are private rooms for facials and massage. In the bathroom, below the sinks, rocks again appear as water. Mizu is about beauty.


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  • mvb

    Relaxing design!

  • edward

    Modernistic, as they used to say. Checking Saitowitz’s portfolio, I am pleased to note his enthusiasm for regular rectilinear columns eschewing the tortured formless shapes of so many of his contemporaries. Bravo!

  • tadao cern

    Not for me

  • laila


  • MiuMiu

    Honestly I don’t bother coming lately to dezeen. Most of the stuff that’s being published lately is rubbish…

  • Taking a leaf from Japanese minimalism?

  • Zenza

    I like 80%… the other 20% is crap.

  • eduardo

    Nice atmosphere for what it is suposed to be the use of it!!!

  • day

    too modern

  • chachi

    too modern? wtf? i love it, a rigorously executed design. clear, calming, and very japanese. the rocks really anchor it and provide the relief from the hard angles. as we say in my ‘hood, that sh*t is tight.

  • msa

    is that the malmo spa suite from ikea?

  • Alan

    too modern? you are definitely on the wrong website

  • Honkie

    Perhaps ‘They’ could have checked before allowing copies of Shin Azumi’s stools for LaPalma to be used in this interior. Dezeen should take this article down; it would be a good message to architects, developers and designers desperate to protect their own work to also keep a look out for others in the industry.

  • bel

    Looks prom, functional, clean & well planned… good design all in all…

  • Soud

    Nice, but i feel sorry for the staff sitting on those benches all day….

  • Charlotte

    can I just say WAUW…
    really love it!
    But indeed, I hope the staff can profit a back rub too, they will need it

  • aesthetically it doesnt float my boat – a little too sharp and sterile looking, although you like these places especially to be sterile… sooo…i guess its ok…

  • gee

    beautiful, space! a little cold and i do feel sorry for the staff. Form over function does not always work to advantage of client and therapist.

  • beautiful!!!