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Patternity by Frank Minnaërt

Patternity is the title of a research project by Sydney-based architect Frank Minnaërt, which explores the potential for transferring characteristics found in the epithelia membranes of living organisms to the field of architecture.


A model called Patternity_ds42 (below) will be on display as part of the Australian exhibition Abundant at the Venice Architecture Biennale this September.


Here's an explanation from Minnaërt:


Patternity describes a research process investigating the topological properties of epithelia. In living organisms, these membranes constitute reactive borders between two environments and have specific functions: movement, exchange, selective permeability, mechanical and chemical protection.


By considering the ability of these membranes to generate types of multifunctional and relational patterns, the objective is to evaluate what could then be transposed into the field of architecture.


Based on the ambivalent functions, organisational modes, regeneration processes, spatial deformations and continuous transformations of a particular epithelium, Patternity_ds42 has been generated as a physical test model, through an adaptive replication of its components.