Teenyweenykins by Kaley Woods



New Designers 08: Kaley Woods presented Teenyweenykins, a prototype range of toy animals with interchangeable heads, at New Designers in London last week.


Woods is a graduate from Rochester College for the Creative Arts.


Here's a bit of text from Woods:



The concept behind this toy range is that each of the six animal heads fit on each of the three bodies and when pressed they react in different ways. This gives the child an incentive to match the heads and bodies together, whilst also rewarding them with a sensory reaction.


The reactions would include illuminating, vibrating and sounding the corresponding animal's name.


The reactions of the characters invite the child to explore them developing their coordination, whilst also teaching them cause and effect. The speaking characters would also act as audio prompts, encouraging small children to make sounds and eventually connect these sounds into words.

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  • They’re lovely. And they’re different from other toys. Maybe they’ll become popular.

  • Suzy

    So beheading Barbie won’t be needed anymore? Shame…

  • daidalos

    Are these available to buy?

  • Lynda

    Having worked in a school for visually impaired and special needs children these ‘Teenyweenykins’ would be great. Hopefully a company out there will snap this talented new designer up.

  • Jampotty

    What brilliant idea, can not wait to see the final version in the shops!

  • the big black & white zebra

    things which are nothing but mean so much…..
    absurd but cute…
    white, pale but rich in feeling

    you’ve gotta have one

  • Ula

    what are these made from?

  • They’re made from an acrylic resin. They were rapid prototyped at the RCA.