Santos chair by Joel Escalona



The Santos chair by Mexican designer Joel Escalona is based on the form of a champagne glass.


The fibreglass chair is for manufacturers Grupo HeWi.


Here's some more information from the designer:


Inspired by the shape of a Champagne Glass, Santos is a drinking chair made of glass fiber.


This chair was designed by Joel Escalona for the Mexican company Grupo HeWi, and it was all supervised by the designer himself.


This design did not need any pencil sketch, because all the design process was made with digital rendering and fine-tuned in the prototyping process.


"I love to make pencil and paper sketches, I really do, but sometimes I like to model forms until I get a realistic image of my idea; so the Santos Chair was all design by digital techniques."


"I think digital rendering is a very useful technique, because by making a picture of one design I can get people´s likes and dislikes so quickly, so before prototyping I can get a closer look to high-quality form and technical design, instead spending money and time on many prototypes. Of course, there are a lot of exceptions."


Prototyping can take time, but in this step of design I can get a closer look of what I want, and change so many things of my designs until I get the final one.


This chair is ready now in several colors; distribution is worldwide.



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  • zuy

    Rose , i like this chair but i’m sure it’s the shape of a glass of champagne !!!

  • neat , manual labour beats everything

  • zuy

    I’ m agree with you Hemaworst but at the beginning we have an idea a drawing…. Now we have too much virtual designers sometimes alone or with a big design studio

  • Olivier

    the holy grail…

  • Jogg


  • eduardo

    where are the bubbles?

  • zuy

    holy grail … a new Jacobsen, Pillet or Starck?

  • cpcp

    typical use of ‘digital prototyping’. does not look like something you’d sit in for longer than 5mins – look at the curvature of that seat base!!!
    it looks more like a satellite dish!

  • Thank you so much for the post Dezeen, Rose and for all your comments. I can say I like technology, but is only a tool, I use digital sketching and is the same thing that pencil and paper, but with a tablet pc. In Mexico, we have pretty good artisanal and industrial process, so I’m combining new digital techniques with artisanal and industrial techniques in order to make a prototype; and I have to say is pretty comfortable, the seat and back wrap pretty good the body; so ergonomics and comfort Is one of the essentials of my design.

  • Fling

    Hey! Aren’t champagne glasses longer? And smaller? And transparent? And full of champagne?

  • Zenza

    zuy… leave the drugs.

    This is horrible. I mean, I remember doing something very similar to this at college when I was on my 1st grade, and I remember one of my teachers telling me it sucked because it wasn’t new.

    This was 5 years ago…

  • Rodrigo

    Tan inspirado en la cultura mexicana como lo dice tu web no lo creo, no se ve muy cómoda, pero sin duda es un buen render y un buen proceso de diseño conceptual.

  • omar

    its nice to see photos of the design process!!!!!!

    (i would like to see more ‘behind the scenes’ photos on dezeen not just press release photos.. )

    i’m not that pumped about the form. but its a good post.

  • zuy

    I’ m agree with Omar its nice to see design process but i think it’s not the end of design process … to be a best seller or an icon of design
    To answer to Zenza from narcotic bureau , i remember a design teacher that said nothing about a concept design i was drawing but 3 years later he dvp the same concept and it’s now a world best seller…!That’s the difference…

  • Jordan

    Ikea here I come

  • kiko

    ooh, poor, poor zuy !!!

  • curve line are always attractive and ambiguious

  • Chandrani

    looks more like falf an egg holder.. i like it though for its simplicity even though there is nothing nvery new about it.

  • zuy

    Joel Escalona is a young mexican designer which offer readers an honest and revealing look behind the scene . Thanks!

  • Boris

    Zuy, you have far too much time on your hands – why bother posting so many comments that all seem to contradict each other?
    Perhaps you should concentrate more on your own work, I for one would love to see what you make.

  • zuy

    contradict each other? say more or nothing

  • anon

    another piece of plastic for the landfill.

  • yung

    maybe they should make it transparent. It would look like a person sitting in the glass if observed from behind.
    The form is nice, but the other metal legs are boring.

  • zuy

    yung, like this chair is the metal leg boring?
    Anon is this boring???

  • I like it Rose, but wonder how comfortable it might be.

  • i really liked it!
    remind me a little the egg chair

  • The only part of this chair that is functionally and aesthetically pleasing is the base. The upper portion of the chair has a number of problems: 1. The back is too high with too great a curvature. The solution: lower the back about 8″ and reduce the curvature by at least 25%. 2.The curvature of the seat is too extreme. The solution: reduce it by at least 1/3 this will reduce the pressure on the legs of the sitter being pushed together. 3. The sloping down of the back where it meets the seat is to severe. The solution: make a cutout at the lower portion of the back and make a reverse curve at the top of the cutout. The cutout should be deep enough so as to relive pressure on the base of the butt. If it’s the form that is all important and not the function (comfort) ignore everything I have written.