Dezeen x Design Association
container design competition



Design competition: Dezeen has teamed up with Design Association in Japan to give five designers free exhibition space in Tokyo during Tokyo Designers Week from 30 October to 3 November this year.


Five winners of our container design competition will each be given a free 20ft shipping container at the Container Ground (top image) exhibition at Jingu-Gaien in central Tokyo, plus an installation and construction budget of up to 200,000 Yen. (Note: shipping, transportation and accommodation costs are not included).


This competition has now closed.

Entries will be judged according to by a panel consisting of Design Association president and art director Katsumi Asaba, Design Association executive director Kenji Kawasaki and Dezeen editor-in-chief Marcus Fairs. Winners will be notified by email and the winning designs will be published on Dezeen.


The images here show the interiors of containers at last year's Container Ground exhibition.


See our stories from Tokyo Designers Week 2007 here.

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  • edward

    It would be nice to see at least one entry that didn’t come under the heading of “design concept” ie something useful None of the above entries have any relation to a design to make a container habitable.

  • juan

    It should be interesting to see the range of work submitted and the opportunity given to that designer selected to exhibit at Tokyo’s Designer Week. On edward’s comment – it is not about how to make the container habitable but the container is the space in which the designer will exhibit his or her work. Last year there were great examples of work and space and it should be great to see a fellow Dezeen reader be part of it

  • Five successful creators chosen in panel selection will be granted following priviledges:
    -A free exhibition space of 20ft container in Container Exhibition in Tokyo Designers’ Week.
    -Construction fee up to 200,000JPY
    *Transportation fee, hotel accommodations and other fee are not included.
    *Containers used in this exhibition must be returned in its original condition and damages
    must be repaired by the exhibitor at own cost.

    no transportation or hotel provided? are you kidding me? must be returned to original form? is this a commie competition?
    £930 to create what’s inside the crate?
    rubbish.. what is this?

  • edward

    Given the high cost of living in Tokyo, some artists might want to design living quarters and stay there. So the containers are just a gimmick and immaterial to the intent of the show. Too bad, as given the problem of cheap housing, some of this effort might have been channeled into something useful.

  • zuy

    “Winners” are ….????

  • we’re a designers group from holland. looking to containers as a way to sep up your office. unfortunatly i do not see solutions or ideas in that perspective.

  • andrew

    Like Juan said, I don’t think that functionality should be the sole purpose. The spaces’ exploration of affect are as pertinent to the discourse as making a habitable space. There are plenty of Japanese examples on the creation of habitable small spaces.