Toy library in Bonneuil-sur-Marne
by LAN Architecture 2



Readers have been asking for interior photos of the toy library at Bonneuil-sur-Marne, France by LAN Architecture - so here they are.


The project involved creating a free standing, cast-concrete shell around the existing two-storey building on a 1960s social housing estate.


See our previous story for more information.





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  • M!

    It´s not a ludic space…

    and what a horrible green, looks like the kids vomit in the wall.

  • edward

    Lovely interiors: colorful, spacious, and well lit The brief was for contrasts and the architects have done an admirable job.

  • nick

    boring and bland – so not interesting

  • jed_

    i love that green but i find it a little uninspiring, to be honest.

  • M!

    hello edward!
    Did you see the same pictures as I?

    I see: gray floor, white walls and a “nice” green….

    It´s a space for kids to play. Not a hospital!

  • floyd landis

    You vill play now schwein hundt, or you will be punished.

  • Well, let ask the kids. Sometime imagination doesn’t need a super-colorful space, y’all.

    What I think this place lacks are niches and corners. Children like to “hide” around. They like being “embraced” and hardly any of them are claustrophobic.

  • edward

    To M!,
    Gray floor? Looks green to me. I see the space as allowing the toys ie the play furniture to predominate. These can be replaced when necessary.

  • et

    even the crab looks sad…

  • vico

    the gig is up. It’s just as inappropriate inside as outside.

  • c’est cool! J’aime bien

  • francesco

    Ehi guys
    Watch on the website the budget of this project…..550 000 €.
    Try to do something better whit that!
    Is a new kind of approach to a renovation, whit a simple strategy they build a lightness space and a new exterior really cool….
    chic details for the windows!

  • Cedric

    Burkkk… Horrible. Dull. 550 k€ to get that…