Combispace by Luís Pereira Miguel



Portuguese architect Luís Pereira Miguel has won a competition to design a new store for clothing brand Benetton in Omsk, Russia.


Called Combispace, the project was the winning entry to the Colorsdesigner competition inviting young architects and designers to create retail spaces.


Here's some more information from the competition organisers :


A new Benetton store in Russia by the portuguese architect Luís Pereira Miguel

Combispace, a project of the portuguese architect Luís Pereira Miguel, won the Colorsdesigner international competition promoted by, a Consortium of the Politecnico di Milano (Italy) open to young creatives, designers and architects asked to develop new retail concepts for large international clothing enterprises. The winning project will be applied to a new Benetton store.


There were candidates from 46 countries and the jury selected six final projects. The prizes will be awarded in October and the execution of the project will be followed by the winner and will be built in the city of Omsk, Russia.


The Jury's final choice fell unanimously on Combispace, which "unifies in an original and fluid manner the two floors of the historical building object of the competition, thus creating an articulate system of transforming spaces and of exposition of merchandise that well responds to the functional and communicative needs of the present topic".


The competition is and represents a challenge for designers in finding new eco-sustainable and creative solutions capable to express the quality of interior environments, products and services. Possible future spaces thought not merely for selling products but also for communication, interaction with final users and aggregation activities; spaces where technology is capable of humanizing the approach to buying by transforming it in a social experience, a moment for self-gratification and pleasure.

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  • Tom Hank

    Are those circles fitrooms or something from the first picture?

  • Zenza

    You gotta be kiding. This work is LAME!

    Horrible. But we’re used to this kind of crap. Aren’t we?

  • zenzo

    screw u zenza

  • edward

    Really hard to get a handle on the design from the drawings, but the spacious element-an amphitheater?-looks interesting. Might they have fashion shows there?

  • Jim

    How do you not understand the space from the drawings?????? and how in the world does that look like an amphitheater?????

  • pipi

    i have seen this T-shirt tracks in the shop ‘illustrated people’ on bricklane london

  • WTF2007
  • Sullka

    I think it’s pretty cool the way the shelves become stairs, “unlike” the Prada Store by Koolhaas.

  • Thanks! gut text

  • Irredazittids

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    As a fresh user i only wanted to say hello to everyone else who uses this bbs ;-)

  • HariawoorsGot

    What is bumburbia?

  • behnaz

    it is remind me of prada store by Rem Koolhass .the staird ,hanging city and even wallpaper. generally i think its ok.

  • How do you not understand the space from the drawings?????? and how in the world does that look like an amphitheater?????