In Vino Veritas by Matali Crasset



Designer Matali Crasset will present In Vino Veritas at the Gandy Gallery in Bratislava, Slovakia, in September.


The project includes a collection of glass objects used for drinking wine.


"When in a state of drunkenness Man is expansive, saying the truth that on an empty stomach escapes him," says Crasset. "But wine is at his image and cannot lie either.


"Since a couple of years, I am interested in the phenomenon of natural wine. As I researched the subject I was surprised to discover that Rudolf Steiner, founder of anthroposophy, was the one to set the principles of biodynamic agriculture. Knowledge, transmission and cultures are intimately linked."


The exhibition opens 22 September to 22 November 2008.


The following information is from Gandy Gallery:


For her second solo exhibition at Gandy Gallery, and her first in Slovakia, Matali Crasset developed a new project around the topic of wine.


In terms of geography, the country of Slovakia is surrounded by Hungarian and Austrian wines. This project will bring together new objects designed in glass, produced in Czech Republic and Slovakia as well as a new series of numeric drawings.


This exhibition brings together a series of glass projects around the archetypal form of the bottle. Sometimes the bottle is complete to incorporate the ritual, and is no longer in charge of simply containing but becomes a participant. Simple attributes are enough to transform the bottle into another signification.

In other instances a dialogue is established and the bottle departs from its conventional status to become expansive and talkative in the image of wine.

These objects do not belong to the oenological realm, they are to be understood as interpretations of rituals symbolic of wine.

A publication will be made at the occasion of this exhibition.

With the support of French Institut, Bratislava.
Opening september 23 at 6 p.m with Matali Crasset.
Exhibition 22-09/22-11, 2008

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  • Bioz

    very nice , , intresting concept of self indolgence

  • Xit

    Usually I turn off at just the sound of “Matali Crasset” because its always the same old “mental hospital” style but I find this project very interesting with a lot of depth and interesting esthethics.

  • gmz

    ı love crasset’s designs!!! alwys!!

  • Haha Xit, your description of Matali’s work is way funny. Anyway, her work has a very distinct (read: whimsical?) character. It shows here still…

  • K. Rimane

    fantastic. luv’m all!

  • zuy

    I like the cross in a wine bottle from the ….Joan of Arc of french design …
    Ex Xit don’t turn off at just the sound of “Matali Crasset”…as she was the right hand of Philippe Starck in Thomson radio tv aso company…
    Top french designers dunnot often design for wine industry …as italian, spanish,danish or swiss even japonese designers and i don’t know why?
    Matali was born in or near Champagne region and… she has the support of French Institut ….in Czech republic or slovania to design glass bottles of wine produced in Czech Republic and Slovakia around Hungarian and Austrian wines!!!!

  • zuy

    nul n’est devin en son pays

  • Xit

    Zuy, I am fully aware of who she is thanks.

    Concerning Thompson, she was just ONE of many well known designers taking turn to be Starcks “right hand”.

  • zuy

    @ Xit no she directed the tim thom
    the real right hand and right eye of Starck, it’s Gaugain for design deopartement

  • Maxence

    I can’t understand…am i blind ?

  • zipper

    Nice and Fresh work,

    In response to Zuy I think you’ll find that she was “reponsable” for the Tim Thom design department and Phillipe Starck was the actual “Artistic Director”.

  • zuy

    among the Starck tim thom this guy, Jerôme Olivet , not often on media

  • zuy

    @zipper may be it’s more complex because as noticed by recent Intramuros design mag, Gaugain, the “responsable” of Starck design studio Ubik codesigned with Philippe Starck some products…
    Here it’s more art or arty design than design…similar to swiss Colucchi works with glass inside a bottle (Sentou) or french living in Milan Cos works with 2 bootles of wine making a heart

  • zuy
  • zuy

    The first project could be interressing with more humor and use, a cross glass staw to drink with 3 people… velkosky did a ca
    The second one with a more glamourous shape dressing…we speak about the robe du vin…but may be it’s not in the design vocabulary of Matali Crasset…


    I see in Wikimedia :in vino veritas is a well-known Latin phrase. It means “in wine [there is the] truth”. It is also known as a Greek phrase “Ἐν οἴνῳ ἀλήθεια”, which has the same meaning. The author of the Latin phrase is Pliny the Elder,[1] the Greek phrase is attributed to the Greek poet Alcaeus.Apparently the phrase refers to the circumstance that people seem to become uninhibited and tell what they really think (i.e. the truth) when they drink alcohol.
    Already Pliny the Elder, who first mentioned this phrase, called the phrase a saying. The oldest known source for the phrase is the Greek poet Alcaeus. The Roman historican Tacitus tells about the Germanic peoples, that they always drank wine while holding councils, as they thought nobody can deceive effectively when drunken.
    The phrase is very often continued as “in vino veritas, in aqua sanitas” – “the truth is in vine, the health is in water”.

  • zuy

    French Sismo duo designers did some interessing design pieces using the same structure: a glass contenant with a side hole…as Velkovsky in Prague did also a vase for Qubus

  • zuy
  • mauro paparo filomarino

    Y E S