Capital Hill Residence by Zaha Hadid Architects



Here are new images of Capital Hill Residence, a private house in Barvikha Forest close to Moscow, Russia by Zaha Hadid Architects.


The project, which is currently under construction, will be shown in the Russia Pavilion at the Venice Architecture Biennale from 12 September - 23 November as part of a showcase of work by Russian and foreign architects working in Russia.


See our previous story for more information about the house.


Capital Hill Residence is due for completion in 2010.
















Credits - current execution stage

Project architect: Helmut Kinzler

Project designer: Daniel Fiser

Project team:
Anat Stern
Daniel Santos
Thomas Sonder

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  • andi

    She’s a star and this is her Hollywood work, labeled “Zaha”, for her wealthy, architecture chalenged_consumer with a minimum of conceptual sweat.

    P.S. Doesn’t this look very Mendelsohn to you guys?

  • andi

    And could someone point a benefit for sloping glass planes like these in architecture projects? How do i open the front door from the inside? Do i have to strech to reach the door knob? Does it have a sensor like a gass station?

  • andi

    And u Zaha fans. Please come with constructive arguments to destructive criticism. Don’t just ask others to be constructive.

  • John Avlakiotis


  • em

    i drew that tower when i was 7 years old…i was infatuated with star trek (1st generation) and drew a house with two of the necks of the spaceship (enterprise) that supported the disk like thing…my child like infatuation with spaceships and architecture has been authorized thirty years later by zaha! and it looks dumb. especially the mullions…yikes! i have no problem with the curvy forms, etc, but her drive to radicalize space just aint gonna happen with designs that question the predominant geometric conventions (no small feat, but been done many times) and not predominant architectural conventions in general. those are the result of cultural paradigms, and to not be critical of typical cultural and social conventions (what a nice kitchen island! a spacious dining room!) leaves her stylizing, not radicalizing. glad shes here though: even challenging the conventions of typical architectural geometries (and all geometries in general) is beneficial to the practice.

  • fuZzyOne

    this will be a most commented post :)

    agree with mravka… kiss :)


  • ricbou


  • wm

    bravo ! it’s really a spectacular idea . .
    but, for a residential . . , I don’t think so . . .
    architecture could create everything,
    but don’t let architecture “rape” your humanity . . .

  • jl

    i love to check out the zaha post one to see what some of the upcoming projects from the office are but mostly to see how it gets everyone all bent out of shape.

    i just wanted to note that if you made it to the bottom of the post before posting your flames.. you woul notice this bit of text:::

    “Credits – current execution stage

    Project architect: Helmut Kinzler

    Project designer: Daniel Fiser

    Project team:
    Anat Stern
    Daniel Santos
    Thomas Sonder”

    While yes this project was created by zaha in some fashion or another the design and development was worked on but the above mentioned. so i don’t understand how all of the projects can be critizied with this “sameness” when in fact they are all developed within different teams of people?

  • none

    this was published in GA projects at least 1.5 years ago

  • antishape

    shape is additive, u need to stop it and do something smart!

  • rockenhäuser

    wow. what sublimated desires can do to the visible world..
    don’t you see me, hear me, don’t you see me, hear me, don’t you see me, hear me..

  • Tells it like it is

    Maybe because its in Russia, but this reminds me of the recent devastations in Georgia.

  • rockenhäuser

    seems to say: this architecture is working without any human beings.
    it doesn’t need them, stands for itself, is it’s own reference.

    but what’s the fucking use then? wasn’t architecture once meant
    to serve essential human needs?

    but an ego like zaha’s, is definitely far beyound
    human matters and scales.. reminds me of leni riefenstahl,
    the obsession above everything.

  • celine mondieu


  • andi

    a teacher of mine told me she walks with a loudspeaker
    through the office and asks about the drawing on the walls “who drew this?????”. So u see, the design team desn’t have a big word in what gets done. This is to answer to jl.

  • jl

    “a teacher of mine….” not you andi.

  • rech

    nice vacation home!!but i would prefer more of her nature-reflecting curves or straight lines rather than this robotic – machine kind of shelter..cant just digest this futuristic stuff..we need to get into more of natural structures for a change.

  • silicon m

    The omnipresent Zaha Hadid never fails to amaze some of us mear mortals. whether you love her or loath her she will no doubt be one of the most influential design figures of the 21st century. Her aproach to structural design analysis and research and development into new and improved ways of not only manufacturing but applications of new products is in itself outstanding.

  • Yarch

    I actually really like it, with the exeption of the gun tower. The free form shapes in the interior, complimented by the awsome furnature is very classy. So what its futuristic, thats what architecture should be about anyone. Zaha is leading the world into the future.
    Stop bagging her out, if you actually bothered to look at the design all you so called architecture students or know it alls, you see how it utalises every aspect, making it functional to.

    oh by the way i love the seamless glass.

    oh and the space ship look..

  • antimercantil

    jesus! looks like the Sphinx. zahahaha!

  • Le Roi c’est mort ,viva le Roi.
    Having been an outcast for many years, now she has reached fame.
    Lets look for another “hero”.

  • b

    all you people stop hating on zaha!!!

    zaha is god of form and presentation.

  • maymay

    Hi everybody, I’d like to know if someone here is able to tell me who is the owner of this “sculptural” house… I already tried to find some information on ” capital hill residence” without any result … thanks for helping me

  • w

    Its absolutely wonderful – and its being built in Москва. I cant wait till its finished.

  • looks more like a ski jump from my part og the world

  • yao guai

    simply ufo. the residence for the aliens. zaha creates abstract forms that have nothing to do with humanity

  • mickey

    Unfortunately only few of fellow moskovitz will have the chance to see this property come to real world because it is located in a close property which holds hundreds of million dollar residences like capital hill residence.

    the name of the client is not a misery because the name of the project capital hill gives it away cleary, of course if you live in moscow .

    The problems oriented from the nature of this design are complicated, but it pushes people to get more innovative. As a result, a lot of unheard solutions will come up and be executed. I think those solutions will be imitated by many people in the future and maybe some of them will be industry standards.

    I think this matters most.

    By the way, actual building will have slight differences, but yet again, you may never know=).

  • mahrous

    I dont like it

  • I think it works, and i find it exceptionally interesting. Unfortunately, all the naysayers here want to perpetuate the same old boring architecture so our entire planet will become one monotonous grouping of cubes.

    Architecture is a form of art, it is a taste, an acquired taste. Once a person has understood something enough, tried it enough times, they see the beauty in it, understand and appreciate it. Like food or music, it takes a few tastes to like it and appreciate it.

    What makes something exceptional anyway? Is it because it is new, different, unique? Who finds something old and already-done interesting? It is the innovative breakthroughs in culture and art that are worth attention. For example cubism, or modernism, or the discovery of spatial depth and perspective, etc. These were all new and different during their time and therefore they are exception and in history books.

    Zaha Hadid is new, innovative, interesting, pushing the limits, discovering, and making breakthroughs; she is therefore exceptional.

    Furthermore, in the US 90% of the architecture that Americans see is completely and utterly utilitarian and lacking all levels of artistic expression. Most buildings, lacking $, build for function; they are built to hold heat and use water, etc. So is that a good design, is that architecture? Is something that has been designed purely for a function a good design, is it art, is it “good” architecture?

    Our tastes in architecture are misinformed.

  • khairul_archi

    first of all, stop thinking all negative things about Zaha.. you guys actually have to buy all the books about her and read every words in that books precisely.. then, you’ll understand what she is trying to say and the meaning behind her design.. every architect have their own philosophy of design.. you guys should respect her as a great Architect.

  • ouch that is spectacular.
    i love the house ! do oyu mind if i stay on top of the left wing?

  • KEV


  • Great building!

  • Enmerkar

    I was on construction site 2 weeks ago. Still there is much to do, but that will become somewhere to live in by 1 year (i hope)
    Personally, I wouldnt like to stay in that place, and hundreds of trees must be chopped down or at least trimmed if the owner wants to see smth in his spaceship

  • Pierre Sinsua

    tower is a perfect place to feel horny

  • Quite enjoyable, pretty.