Ring Sight by Stuart Bannocks



New Designers 08: graduate Stuart Bannocks of As Well As Design has created a range of accessories designed to test the UK's stringent anti-gun laws.


Responding to a law that forbids the manufacture of replica guns, and to news stories about people mistaking objects such as bananas as weapons, Bannocks has produced a series of tattoos, stickers and imitation gun sights that turn everyday objects into pretend firearms.


Bannocks, a graduate of Goldsmiths University in London, showed the range at the New Designers exhibition in London last month.


Bannocks also presented books containing drawings of guns completed in a few seconds and instruction sheets for evoking guns with hand gestures alone.


Here 's some text from Bannocks:


Under the Violent Crime Reduction Act it has been illegal to manufacture or produce replica firearms in the UK since 2006. The law stipulates its own technicalities regarding imitation referring to direct and accurate replication. But given the current, sensitive climate of gun crime awareness, and past cases in which, everyday objects have been misconstrued as weapons at what point does this manufacture actually take place?


The pieces question at what point this “manufacture” takes place. They take already established concepts such making your hand into a gun shape or a banana as a gun, and add a layer onto that which affirms your or other’s understanding of the form you are creating.


The project started with a very crude look a replication, with direct re-forming of weapons, as the project progressed the pieces became simpler and less tangible until the point it simply becomes hand movements in an instruction format.









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  • andy

    hmmm! controversial, stuart if you’re reading-

    what interests you in this somewhat blurred line of gun manufacture?

    how did it become what ‘many’ will construed to be a negative message?

    and finally have you ever been directly/indirectly effected by gun crime?

    oh and your colt banana gun isn’t quite ripe:)

  • kingmu

    …and WHY, exactly?

  • Zenza


    I dig this! Yet… is rubbish! But what the heck. It’s August and the ice creams – or should I say ‘I scream?’ – start to melt.

    Like my brain. It’s melted.

    But yes.. this is rubbish. But cool. Cool rubbish.

    I really need some pseudo vacations….

    Bang bang bang! It’s a 2-second shooting here at Dezeen :)

  • zuy

    “design is dead” Philippe Starck ‘s guns’ designer

  • Zenza

    zuy… you’ll be always my cliché mate!

  • k.rimane

    dezeen, where’s the junk section?
    come on, some substance for god sake.
    most in here aren’t interested in rubbish.

  • Tyler

    ahaha :D

  • Emerson

    Does this really have place at Dezeen?

  • Honkie

    Very Suck UK. in fact you should show them this, if you aren’t already working there?

  • margo

    blah blah blah, dezeen. another post on yet another socially irrelevant design.

    it is just masquerading as clever because it visually allegories something, but have you noticed that that allegory is absolutely meaningless? like most of the things you post about. why do you have to celebrate the over-designed for design’s sake? did you read the recent nytimes article on philippe stark? even he, of all designers, has started to realize that some design is just all about furthering capitalism in the end.

  • Fbot

    This is complete BS! guns and people kill people. As if the UK and the rest of the world hasn’t got enough to deal with already with terrorism etc etc. Grow up mate and don’t call yourself a designer, coz you havn’t actually designed anything.
    Surely there is something practical/ useful you can put your mind to.
    Dezeen, you need to be more strict on what is published. If you only have 2 good stories for the day then only show 2 good stories, don’t just use crap like this to pad out your mag.

  • B.S.

    What a dick.

  • Azeem

    Old stuff have seen on designspotter.com!!

  • zuy

    @ zenza
    Sorry even with google translate i dunnot understand
    I saw this no product in a french blog : For me the only think positive is less material than a gun but i prefer the disparition of plastic or metal guns for children and adults… The pb is not only the materiality but the idea to kill even virtually with video game…Here we are between materality and virtuality …Sorry about my english, it’s not TED here and i’m not Phil STARk!!!!

  • Davide

    you really HAVE to fill today’s zine with smtg, eh?

  • j.

    probably shouldnt be so immediately reactive and negative to seeing images of a social study just because it focuses on guns. the whole point of it is to make yourself more aware of the things going on around you. he didnt do this to promote guns in the uk. its an exercise in thought and expression… those arguing to limit this type of experimentation and expression are fascists. youre arguing for mindless knee-jerk censorship.

    thank you dezeen for not being afraid to post something that might make somebody freak out.

  • olgv.

    hahaaaaa, really cool …

  • lucklucky

    “even he, of all designers, has started to realize that some design is just all about furthering capitalism in the end.”

    Which makes it Great, Marvelous. It is only capitalism(private property, freedom) that makes possible investment and that you don’t have to think about the food next day.

    For those that don’t know UK has a grave crime problem.

  • andresr

    what a WASTE of time!

  • McGyver

    kind of stuff..


    hmmmm… design can be fun too :)

  • Gregory

    “margo Says:

    August 19th, 2008 at 7:16 am
    blah blah blah, dezeen. another post on yet another socially irrelevant design.”

    gun crime= socially irrelevant!!??? What the f!?
    What ever you think of this design its a lot more socially relevant that yet another bland, over done chair or table lamp, at least he’s attempting to explore an issue that isn’t “explore the qualities of the material” or another constantly heard topic.

  • Sigivald

    “Socially irrelevant”?

    This is satirising the disarmament of the peaceful, law-abiding population. (Not “gun crime” in the normal sense, though if any of these were sufficiently “replica” to count, they’d be illegal. Freedom of expression, anyone?).

    Britain had no gun control to speak of at the turn of the last century, and likewise no gun crime to speak of.

    Now it has both, and a higher rate of non-gun crimes as well.

    Some might be tempted to imagine that the disarmament of the peaceful mass of the populace and criminalisation of even defending one’s life and property with so much as a stick might be relevant to that fact, and that mocking gun-phobia and the culture of disempowerment it reflects would be social commentary of the most useful sort.

    Socially irrelevant, indeed.

    Seems to me it’s rather too relevant for many of the commenters, who wish it weren’t.

  • Gun design and manufacturing has been at the forefront of many leaps in engineering evolution. The gun’s requirement for close tolerances, fail-safe mechanisms, and interchangeable parts were at the heart of the Industrial Revolution – spin-offs were like the Space Race, and had many benefits including medicine.

  • DaveP.


    England has been banning and controlling weapons since the 1920’s, and yet the violent crime rate just keeps on increasing.

    I have the solution.

    BAN HANDS!!!

    Do It For The Children!

  • Silly Brits. You let your government disarm you. Now they can do anything they want to you, like a cat toying with a mouse. They will continue to mistreat you as long as you let them.

    As a free bonus, criminals are free to attack citizens at will, without fear of an armed response. This, too, will continue until free men rise up and reassert themselves.

    But as long as you live in a country where a paper drawing of a weapon is a crime, you will never be a free people.

    Here a quote from one of the American colonists:

    “Are we at last brought to such humiliating and debasing degradation, that we cannot be trusted with arms for our defense?”
    – Thomas Jefferson

  • Randall

    dezeen is a great site until you accidentally view the responses from readers. Essentially, the readers seem: Humourless. Unsophisticated. Inconsiderate of others, unaware of history, defiant towards context. The last time I viewed the site the conversation among respondents also took the form of a crude brawl among entitled aesthetes waving their steerage class tickets. In other words: grubby thugs. The content provided by the site authors does not disappoint, it’s a pity the responses do. Apologies to any thoughtful commenters, I couldn’t find your notes due to the histrionic braying of the dumb-it-downers.

  • Lol-o-matic

    Well… I, personally think this is crap. But at least it started an argument… I guess. But an argument for what?!? Just for the sake of arguing? Again, I have to say, this kind of approach to rise an “intellectual” discussion is so boring and already done it just tires me. Sorry. Too blunt for my taste.

    I think this whole design is a little bit pseudo-philosophic, pseudo-intellectual. I think it’s just wannabe and shows that UK design is still in a crisis. A shame.

  • ian

    wow i think thats cute but i think you need a life i like the tats tho lol id get them perminent lol

  • Lots to like about this project, just a shame the exterior isn't one of them. It looks like a cheap, tacky desktop p.c. speaker from the 90's!

  • helen

    Just stumbled across this 5 years later. And I must say, this is just utter rubbish. Poor design, conceptually poor. Typical Goldsmiths crap. Bad art, or design that thinks it’s art. Design as conversation / debate.