Yehiam Memorial Hall by SO Architecture



Israeli architects SO Architecture have designed the Yehiam Memorial Hall at Kibbutz Yehiam, Israel.


The memorial commemorates Israelis killed in the area around Yehiam during the 1948 Arab-Israeli war.


More information (in Hebrew) can be found here.


The following is from SO Architecture:


Yehiam Memorial Hall

On the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the convoy to Yechiam, the memorial site for those who were killed in the convoy, and for the fallen Kibbutz members, that is in a building inside the community center, was designed.


The project derives it’s geometrical form from two major sources:
1. The feeling of the inside of an armored truck of the days of the convoy
2. The will to convey the feeling of bereavement


The visitor who arrives at the memorial experiences , while progressing to the hall the confined geometry of the place, that was designed with the help of a computer, and based on physical models, and is constructed of wood and plaster.


The space that is revealed inside the building is a clean space , that forms a balance on the one hand of the general feeling, and on the other hand points to the photos of the fallen.


The photos themselves are emphasized by hidden lighting, both natural and artificial. In the interior design work of the site, the photos of the fallen were reconstructed and renovated with the help of computers.


This project, that was executed on a very small budget, succeeds in producing a special, strong and exciting feeling, that honors the memory of the fallen.


Design: SO Architecture – Shachar Lulav&Oded Rozenkier
Graphic Design: Maya Eyal Rozenkier
Costs: 4200 EU



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  • M!


    Thanks to show us that.

    Perfect presentatiton with model, simulation, details, pitures…

  • Azeem

    Amazing !! piece of art!! We love u dezeen!

  • Great design.
    I Admire it.

  • Eresia

    wonderful one

  • Tyler

    Absolutely beautiful and very emotional. I much prefer the materials used than those proposed. A great memorial.

  • sufin

    great design i really love it however the lighting is rather poor. the rendering shows what they wanted to achieve the final outcome is disappointing. I think a little bit help from a lighting design consultancy would have helped them to create and achieve a more atmospheric space. Next time maybe…

  • curtis

    I don’t find the design emotive or reverential. The grid tile floor, residential grade base trim and ‘lighting’ really distract from the intention of the space (is that really a wall sconce?). One benefit is that with a few pieces of acrylic diffuser they could help push toward the intended lighting effect.
    The folded geometry of interior could work well as a language for solemnity, fear, solitude, etc. but the finished product comes off more like a plastic surgeon’s lobby. The space would do better with no details; stark, immovable, and silent.
    Finally, flowers in vases are for hotel lobby’s; create a receptacle below the photos for flowers to be placed.

  • Dezeen, with positive comments here, I do really think what commenters here needs are just OTHER details i.e. drawings, simulations, thoughts, other than 3D, 3D and 3Ds.

  • paol mclee

    the light i ssoo bad .. nice way of thinking ..but it seems you are in the begining of your way ..try consulting with light prof next time

  • Mama

    Free Palestine!

  • Sean

    If only Palestinians had the money to make their own memorials.

  • Ren

    Very well said Sean

  • Amelia

    it looks less like a memorial and more like the bathroom in a very fancy hotel or restaurant – the tiles, the flowers in a tall vase, and especially the table top… not very well thought out at all given what it is intended to represent.