Atelier in Ushimado by Tezuka Architects



Tezuka Architects have designed a hillside studio-house in Ushimado, Japan.


The house has a total floor area of 152 square metres.


Photographs are by Katsuhisa Kida.
Lighting design by Masahide Kakudate Lighting Architect & Associates.
Construction by Fujiki Koumuten.


That's all the information we have for now.






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  • Xit

    Beautiful framing of nature in the views

  • antimercantil

    nice design. object-like architecture. what about the context? It doesn’t fit. I think the hill is to small for such a form

  • edward

    Superb essay in minimalism.

  • silicon

    A woderful yet overwhelming sensation of emtyness

  • freedom

    it’s so thirsty looking

  • sweet

  • aless

    once again…masterpiece from Tezuka… GR8!

  • M

    Its incredible that simplicity would never stop to be beautiful.
    Its refreshing to see that some architecture.. remains architecture.

  • That is one STEEP driveway!

  • dag

    …sweeeet though!

  • gaque

    great but kitchen is tiny..cant cook in there..

    very pleasant place.

  • Sc hu yl er

    I wish it were a bit moremenal.

  • jsph

    by japanese standards, that is a very generous kitchen space… and I actually think that the stepped layering of the hill’s landscape combined with the house’s horizontally proportioned front elevation makes it blend quite nicely from a distance.

    lovely work and beautiful sleeping and lounging space. Incredible views, oh wonderful Japan and wonderful Tezuka….

  • scruces


  • Alex

    Edward, do you have to sound so pretentious?

  • tyler


  • roadkill

    please post some drawings and more interiors… lovely project!

  • rodrigo

    It is so cold….
    … nature?
    I am so sorry but I canot see this elements here!

  • max hsbib


  • Mama


  • trent

    who lives like this? don’t these people sit down?

  • If design is to make sense, then I guess only Japanese designs do nowadays. Many developing eastern countries are too eclectic, while look at the nonsense designs from the west. Where is the balance?

  • good citizen

    landscaping seems not finished or disconnected

  • El Greco

    Beautiful project and enormous by Japanese standards.

    The landscaping is clearly not planted yet.

  • betuwill

    yes a very nice project indeed,..but…..why doesnt anybody refer here with some copy paste criticism to shigeru ban???…so can we say that that copies of less expressive forms do not associate peoples mind to similar projects,??, like come comprehensive answers or a discussion….

  • Mama

    I simply love the inability of design professionals (are they?) to realise that architectural photographs are NOT about the way people LIVE. Often these are to support the actual concept, first as an abstract model and then as a built result. They give the architect an opportunity to communicate the actual spatial intentions using the photographic media as a follow up to the initial sketches. These photographs are mostly taken before any occupants move in. And the Japanese do this beautifully – they keep the spaces empty or very sparsely furnished so that the architecture is kept visible rather than being concealed behind mountains of design objects and general clutter absorbing all the attention.

  • benjam

    am the only one who things it is a bit dark inside?

  • roadkill

    To add to Mama’s text; can I just say that when we look at architectural intentions and the way they are portrait by our eastern friends… this is not at all dissimilar from most western architects apart of course from the zhahhahahahahas of this world whose concepts are hollow and cold but truly consistent when realised… they remain pointless exercises of inflated egos….

    This project on the other hand captures a Zen like quality which only true architecture can achieve.

  • floyd landis

    Well…that’s one solution for a house on a hill. It might have worked better in the valley.

  • Waliid Ramjan

    Minimalist, minimalist, minimalist, LESS IS MORE!! Mies Van Der Rohe was right!! All of Tezuka’s work are superb. Great Work..

  • It’s like a Japanese version of something Mies would have done. Beautiful. I think this would make a fantastic place to work and live.

  • One thing though: does that thing in the front of the house ever drop down/close? Or does it just never rain wherever this is? Because if it doesn’t and it does, those nice beds and desk and washer/dryer thing are gonna get WET.

  • steve-o

    Ismeal: There’s a big muti-stacking-sliding door to the side.

    Amazing space inside but the proportion of the low level extrusion at the front seems a bit squat.

    Love the rough, dark external texture contrasting the smoothness of the pure white interior.

  • w