New Nordic shelves by JDS Architects



Julien De Smedt Architects have designed a shelving system for Danish brand Muuto.


The system consists of rectangular shelves that clip together to form stacks.


JDS Architects have recently launched their own blog.

The following info is from Muuto:



The latest edition to the JDS design family is a brand new selection of shelves produced buy the world renown Danish firm, MUUTO.

They have a specific to be specific and generic at the same time?

Shelving systems tend to achieve either one or the other concern, but never both. We decided to dimension shelving units based on the generic measurement of things to store and display while allowing for them to be combined according to specific needs and requirements...the result can be a random stack of boxes or a coordinated grid of efficient storage....or both!

The ‘stacked’ shelving system provides a conventional storing system with an unconventional effect. Only a little clip assembles a set of cubes and creates an unusual, but personal and practical set-up. Shifting over the balancing point, some cubes get counterweight by other cubes.

Wider and more storage versus compact and efficient, the stacked set reacts organically to every space it’s fitted into.


COLOUR white and strong yellow

DIMENSIONS 218 x 436 x 350 mm (small); 436 x 436 x 350 mm (medium); 654 x 436 x 350 mm (large)

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  • Fbot

    Just Boxes?

  • Yiorgos

    This is the most amazing shelves system I’ve ever seen! It’s a shame that I live in Greece… :(

  • Tyler.

    Why a shame Yiorgos, I would never switch the weather in Greece to Denmark ;-)

  • zuy

    @ Yiorgos
    “It’s a shame that I live in Greece… :(” do not say that !!! :(” … even it’s not politically correct in Greece see east , the turkish design or west and north european eastern design … and also in greek design too

  • zuy

    @ Fbot box?
    “The system consists of rectangular shelves that clip together to form stacks ” but we dunnot see them on the last photo

  • zuy

    danish designers are VERY creative :D

  • Xit

    Same principle as the cloud shelving/room divider by the Bouroullecs,

    Elements clipped together, although I find this permitation far more practical and user friendly.

  • zuy

    white modular shelves : an exemple of “french creativity” :D by philippe Nigro ( delected for grant from VIA: valorization of innovation in furniture) ….BUT with italian manufacturing by gruppo-sintesi. D

  • zuy

    bouroullec brothers’ modular shelves are on Moma, New York NewYork… but without clips :D

  • pf

    this is the most copied and boring shelve ever…

  • OKP

    im SORRY.. but these are just shelves again
    like the Many shelves that have been made last years..
    can these architects also do some research before they start painting it white.
    who buys this stuff, to expensive and really not new at all..

  • longlegs

    Its so interesting to see how architects can sometimes have such a hard time shifting scales! Really two things are clear-. 1. JDS is an amazing, accomplished architect of some facinatingly fresh buildings 2. These are straight-up boring and positively un-fresh bookshelves. What is going on?

    I think that So-IL’s Sunnyside up project reported here earlier in the week is syptomatic of the same thing. Idenburg facilitated incredibly rich architectural projects working at a larger scale with Sejima, but the Queens NY greenroof shed leaves us wanting much, much more. Like these shelves.

    Something else to consider- It seems that at the same time, some of the most important & interesting pieces of Design/art furniture and objects are coming from digitally-cultured designers who got their training in Architecture schools. Some very beautiful pieces and ideas, with an entirely new sensibilities are coming out of these young digital guilds.

    Architecture. For better or for the worse.

  • Fbot

    Zuy, I understand how it works, I just think these days there are so many shop fit/ storage systems that are boxes or variation of and look so similar to this. Concept is ok but needs to be pushed further to produce a more original product.

  • MBOB

    The possibilities of this shelving system is infinite… think about it.
    and for once you can actually store stuff properly on them.

    the new JDS blog is pretty cool too, definatly worth a look!!

  • yrag

    I think I saw those shelves in a Pier 1 flyer—maybe Target.

  • zuy

    Fbot , i agree with you, it’s a joke !!! see Bouroullec Brothers ‘ shelves

  • Sabir

    Old wine in a new bottle.

  • I created these same modular boxes 4 years ago out of natural prototyping
    Glad to see you have used clips to put them together for joining purposes.

  • jojo

    there’s no problem with being simple and practical. these shelves seem to work perfectly for displaying the products they were designed for.

  • kim

    Love the look! where can I buy them????

  • love it!