Matthew Hilton at 100% Design



British furniture designer Matthew Hilton will launch his new collection at 100% Design London later this month.


New pieces include Fracture table (above), Tapas chair (top image), Manta chair (below) and Hepburn sofa, which has been shortlisted for a 100% Design/Blueprint Design Award.


Hilton launched his own brand at 100% Design last year. See our previous story.


The solid wood furniture is produced by and can be purchased from De La Espada. Above: Hepburn Sofa

Here is some info from Matthew Hilton:


Matthew Hilton to launch four new products at 100% Design (18-21 September 2008)

Matthew Hilton will launch four new products at 100% Design this September extending the product range to eleven pieces. New products include Manta Chair, a stackable dining chair with a sculptural unification between the back and arm rest; Tapas Chair, a light, high-backed, three-legged dining chair inspired by the strong forms of Spain's characteristic objects; Fracture Table, a coffee table composed of three geometrically freeform tables that can be used together or separately; and Hepburn Sofa, a unique modular seating system with almost limitless configurations.

The Hepburn Sofa has been shortlisted for a Blueprint Design Award, which will be announced on 19 September 2008.

The Matthew Hilton furniture brand was established to give the designer complete creative freedom and was launched at 100% Design in 2007. The result is a sculptural range of solid wood furniture with technical ingenuity. Produced under license by De La Espada, the range benefits from the combined expertise of the collaborators, the products produced with the highest attention to quality of materials and manufacturing.

Matthew Hilton is one of Britain's most celebrated designers. His understated, meticulously detailed designs reflect a passion for natural materials, with a sharp eye on proportion and a profound understanding of manufacture.

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  • zuy

    great to see Matthew Hilton launched his own brand …foolowing a lot of designers that dunnot find the right design company to their talents…

  • seth

    these are beautiful!

  • trent

    that would have to be the first 3 leg chair to actually look good! well done mr hilton

  • Honkie

    super gorgeous.

  • Matty D

    So muh thought and work go into the shaping of the seat and chair back in the first photo, but the then it is merely set on three legs. I would like to see a more refined junction between the seat and the legs. Otherwise, his work is very nice, functional, and refined furniture. I find the table particularly intriguing…

  • El Greco

    I really like the three-legged chair. Agree with Matty D: connection to seat could be smoother, i.e., the entire chair could be from one piece of plywood. Cut a slit in seat back, bend down to form back leg, etc. Arrange on sheet of plywood for maximum efficiency. Too much waste? Inner layers of plywood can be made of fall off.

  • zuy

    the swiss designer Patrick Knoch developpe a coffee table with 3 or 4 small tables but not in fracture not broken “arty” trend …

  • Thanks for your comments so far…you are an astute bunch of people, when we saw the prototype we felt the same, we decided a couple of weeks ago to develop and refine the junction between the legs and the plywood on the TAPAS chair.

  • Jeb

    i must say this is a very nice collection of furniture, especially since it isn’t as gimmicky as a lot of designer furniture these days, but old fashioned craftmenship.

    to trent i must say, if this is the first goodlooking three-legged chair you’ve ever seen, then take a look at this one : the three-legged shell chair, by the recently deceased Hans J. Wegner, designed in 1963.

  • Jose

    I think it looks boring and shows no apparent skill in woodworking. the three legged chair has, as mentioned above, very blunt legs, that matches poorly with the thin seat. And what are those fins on the side for?
    The second chair is just a bad copy of Hans J Wegners Classic “Elbow chair”

    Try leaving the computer for i while and work with some real wood, you’d probably learn a thing or two.

  • Jose

    But, as a positive comment, I agree with Jeb that it´s refreshing to see something on Dezeen that doesn´t look like it´s made by Zaha Hadid.

  • Brian

    Matthew HIlton,
    Very nice collection. I like!

    Much retrospective action going on reminds me of Robin Day.


  • José A. Brouzzó Duncan

    Matthew Hilton,
    Congratulations From Puerto Ordaz- Venezuela.

  • The first one looks like an ugly Eames…