Te Wero Bridge by Denton Corker Marshall



Architects Denton Corker Marshall have won a competition to design the Te Wero Bridge in Auckland, New Zealand.


The twin-leaf aluminium bascule bridge will carry cyclists, pedestrians and buses between the city centre and Wynyard Quarter, a regeneration area on the waterfront.


The bridge features two liftable decks - one for vehicles and the other for pedestrians and cycles - supported by a 60 metre high mast.


The following is from Denton Corker Marshall:



Architects Denton Corker Marshall, working in collaboration with engineers Hyder Consulting and Kenneth Grubb Associates, have won the international design competition for the Te Wero Bridge in Auckland, New Zealand.

The NZ$50 million bridge will link the city’s CBD with Wynyard Quarter – an industrial area of Auckland’s waterfront that will be transformed over the next 25 years. Intended for public transport/cycle/pedestrian use, the Te Wero Bridge is a twin leaf bascule aluminium bridge with a vertical tower/mast of 60m.

The deck is split longitudinally into two separate components: the south leaf, longer and broader than the north, carries the two road lanes; the north leaf provides a 6m wide pedestrian/cycle path. The bridge will have an opening span of 40 metres to enable large boats to access Viaduct Harbour.

As the bridge opens, the two leaves separate coming to rest in a ‘V’ configuration with the decks angled obliquely to the mast and each other. The aerodynamic silhouette of the leaves suggest the modern sails of contemporary racing yachts.

Describing the design, Director Neil Bourne commented, “At rest, the striking mast stands sentinel in the heart of the harbour.  In motion, the blades rise, split and then separate, twisting so edge becomes face.  Upright, the three elements settle into a dynamic, yet elegant, composition.”

Professor John Hunt, Professor of Architecture at the University of Auckland and Chair of the Judging Panel said, “The judging panel agreed that this striking submission stood out from others in respect of its high level of design innovation and the unique way the twin leaves open.”

The design team are Denton Corker Marshall, Hyder Consulting and Kenneth Grubb Associates. Further details of the winning submission and a video demonstrating the opening sequence of the bridge can be viewed on www.aucklandcity.govt.nz/waterfront. Other shortlisted competition entries included submissions from Wilkinson Eyre and Anish Kapoor.

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  • dion allot

    kia ora bro
    go the moari party and tha ABs and winston peters and otara
    fukalafulahiatu ( that bits moari)
    morningside 4 life!!

  • jet

    one of their better works…

  • Simon

    Poseidon travels from Greece to New Zealand for a holiday and never forgets to bring his trident

  • gullivers sailboat in lilliput- how brilliant! will it work?

  • Dr Skruffknuckles

    Once again from DCM, an overly simple folly with nothing to do Maori culture. The Maoris first sailed from Hawaii and I dont see much referencing of that in the very amateur images.

  • mama

    Give us a break with that bi-culturalism stuff. Maori came from Eastern Polynesia by the way. As far as I’m concern you can read whatever you need into it if you so desperately desire – a carved bone, a sail, an abstract waka… Must a designer give a nod to everyone at all times? Personally, I don’t think the bridge design is that amazing anyway.

  • w

    Dr Skruffknuckles you dont know jack about Maoris