Lace Apartments by OFIS Arhitekti



Slovenian architects OFIS have completed an apartment block in the centre of Nova Gorica, Slovenia.


The facade is composed of a 3D "lace" pattern that generates elements such as balconies, terraces and pergolas.


Photographs are by Tomaz Gregoric.


The following information is from OFIS Arhitekti:


Lace apartments

The location of the apartment block is in the centre of Nova Gorica (population 32.000) – Nova Gorica is situated in the west of Slovenia, adjacent the Slovene – Italian border. It lies 92 meters above sea level.


The town has also very specific climate conditions – it is renowned is the hottest town in Slovenia in summer and very strong winds in winter.


The object is positioned on the fixed urban plot 48 x 16m x 5 floors. The formal concept reinstates three-dimensional lace which embraces the volume of the building.


Furthermore, the lace is transformed into functional elements – projecting roofs, pergolas, apartment dividing walls, terraces and balconies with loggias.


These elements are protecting external spaces and interior of apartments and provide additional privacy to inhabitants.








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  • nique


  • Lim

    I like this!! Pretty interesting..

  • Stanimir

    It is funky, but it looks like a cheap imitation of dutch architecture…with undetermined relation to the context.Apparently we need a waffle and a hint of continiuos mobius loop….made out of Alucobond..and here we are-CONNCEPTUAL ARCHITECTURE……instead of trying to make buildings ugly and to show that proudly here, some rchitects should concentrate on the fact that at the end of day they have maybe produced nice typologies for the flats

  • Love the use of colour on this building.

  • *MIRTEC*

    happy happy.. joy joy..

  • One

    This is a better Dutch architecture!

  • Stefan

    how do the rooms and the users profit from this facade game? and why is there a moebius-like (non moebius at all…) loop? why not creat spaces with the context and the neighbours in mind? hmmm… looks a bit like made in the lab and then planted into the real world to me…

  • mark

    I like that ; and much more advanced than current trends of spinning architecture and similar. And some comments here are so of-the-road that you can actually feel frustration of the writers of that comments much more than published projects.

  • pekka

    pretty and interesting! It is not very easy to do something of 16×48 waffle

  • kasorp

    looks like a mid 70ies town hall that you can find in every german city destroyed during ww-II….even painted in such colors (inside only though). people will beg to blast it in 20 years…

  • pet-shop-boy

    Knowing german architecture : I wish german architect would produce architecture like that; ..they wish.

  • stev

    the corner looks a if the house number would be 69…
    Is it?

  • rodger

    oh dear, the kids these days.!

  • edward

    As usual plans are necessary to really understand the project, but the guiding concept seems to be private terraces-a worthy goal. I dislike the orange color and the industrial aluminum storefront type for glazing. The interior shot looks attractive except for that.

  • s.ray

    I see quality in transforming cube into dynamic form like that; also agree with pekka

  • luismi

    horrible y conceptualmente flojo.

  • windbag

    ugly as can be.

  • windbag

    I saw their other projects, these guys are obviously colorblind.

  • MVB

    Congratulations! The world is a bit better.

  • trent


  • J

    the concept looks so superficial and smoked. if this form is what the designer wants, please admit it.

  • sis

    too 70’s… poor materials quality, in 5 years will look like shit

  • B

    I don’t get the loop. It is so superficial and unnecessary. In combination with the complicated facade topography it is too much. The building would been much better (maybe even great) without it.

  • heath


  • DJ


  • James

    they used a cookie? haha awesome.

  • bratt

    GREAT OFIS! You’ll beat them all

  • Data

    I don’t know why, but I like this building very much; but I don’t know if I’d want to live there. I think it will look a little silly to some people twenty years from now — in fact it may look silly next year. Perhaps they’ll replace the panels, probably with wood.

    However, the wafer crisp business is extremely silly. As punishment they must stand in the corner for five minutes.

  • spam

    Art coming to architecture; why not

  • Paul

    Its easy to get it wrong using colour like that.
    but i think they’ve got it spot on.

  • xls

    I am very impressed by their opus OFIS already did till now. Each project has new inventions I have not seen before. It is worth to study it. They certainy make a powerfull stuff. Check the other projects on dezeen

  • pekka


  • howard


  • kareem karawia

    i love it