K-Swiss pop-up store by UXUS Design



Amsterdam-based UXUS Design have created a "pop-up" store for sports show brand K-SWISS at Citadium in Paris, France.


The store is formed of “floating” tennis rackets and an umpire chair.


The following information is from UXUS:



K-Swiss commissioned UXUS to create a pop-up area within Citadium, Paris.

K-Swiss wanted to heighten brand awareness and help push product sell-through over a one month period. The concept was directed towards Paris’ more fashionable, sneaker oriented customer base. The K-Swiss area reinforced not only the brand identity of K-Swiss but also it’s history and core values. The space communicated K-Swiss as a premium brand which stands for authenticity, quality and a timeless approach.


The area is a flexible showcase that can deal with the requirements of both product sell-through and music oriented events.


Using the vernacular of tennis related objects; UXUS formed a shop out of “floating” tennis rackets and an umpire chair. The tennis rackets also served as a projection screen for images during music events.


Founded in Amsterdam in 2003, UXUS is an international multi-disciplinary creative company specializing in the fields of: Interiors, Architecture, Retail, Hospitality, Identity, Graphics and Packaging. Our multi-disciplinary structure, with teams from different disciplines working together, promotes a culture of interchange and adds tremendous value to the creative process and result.

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  • zuy

    furniture concept is great but not the design …

  • One

    boring, we have seen this time after time. No exceptional quality, no news. Stop waisting design chance by giving commission to one of those guys!

  • davide

    hei One, design hero, show us what you can do, let’s see if you actually are one of those few who can actually say something, and thus judge others, or you’re just boasting out

  • kingmu

    I rarely feel compelled to comment negatively… but, I have to say, this is pretty common stuff, and I’m not quite sure why it’s even shown here.

  • max hsbib

    And I thought Wal Mart was bland.

  • Honkie

    excellent – thew swiss have managed to design a dull, boring concept pop up shop! now that is ground breaking………..

  • nick

    k-swiss is not swiss. it’s an american copycat brand.
    the original brand with the 5 stripes is a traditional swiss shoe brand named künzli.
    read the full story on wikipedia …

    so this boring shop design is no surprise for me :)

  • edward


  • One

    Sorry if it sounds as if I am boasting out, butas a matter of fact, I am not…

  • mama

    More sneakers, more T-shirts – give us a break.