SWOC by ett la benn



German designers ett la benn presented a new modular storage system at the Create Berlin show in London last month.


Designers Danilo Dürler and Oliver Bischoff have worked together as ett la benn since July 2006.


Create Berlin was part of the Tent London exhibition. The following is from ett la ben:



Description: SWOC is a modular storage system that offers a variety of combinations and a flexible fabric feel of the individual elements.


The fabric skin of SWOC is what sets it apart from other storage systems. Photo: Yves Sucksdorff


SWOC combines variability with sensuality and a flair for material.


Oliver Bischoff & Danilo Dürler
ett la benn

"ett la benn" is a young agency specialized in industrial design.

In search of innovative resolution concepts, "et la benn" develops individual products and manufactures them in cooperation with its partners. The main focus lies on the production of exclusive fine furniture. Since july 2006, Oliver Bischoff and Danilo Dürler are both equally responsible for the agency’s development and management.


Danilo Dürler was raised in Stuttgart, graduated from the "Kunsthochschule Weißensee" (University of Arts), specializing on product design. in addition to this, he studied at the "naba" in Milan, Italy and at the "Ingvar Kamprad design center" in Lund, Sweden and worked as a designer for men's watch manufacturer "Nomos Glashütte".


Oliver Bischoff founded "ett la benn" in 2005 while he was still studying industrial design at the "Universität der Künste" (University of Arts) in berlin. After growing up in hamburg, he was educated in carpentry and worked in this field for several years before moving to Berlin. photo: Yves Sucksdorff


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  • christopher

    I like the idea of non-regular modular systems. I think the detailing on these pieces is quite nice. The sum of its parts does not add up for me, however.

  • jt


  • zuy
  • deha

    very nice..

  • justin

    There is nothing stored in them in any of the photos… I wonder why

  • Xit

    ^ Hey Zuy sure its not Italian ?

  • cool! excelent!!!

  • DCV

    Didn’t they think about functional surfaces? What would you store in it? pillows?

    Besides, look at the size of each module and how many REAL storage capacity it has. Terrible

  • james w.

    Why has no one mentioned this name: BOUROULLEC. no?
    Mix the
    BouroullecCloud storage system +
    Bouroullec Kvadrat Felt Tiles +
    Bouroullec Algues (the algae wall treatment).

    this designer needs to find his own way.

  • omar

    it looks a bit disorganised when they’re stacked up. but i like the colours,

  • Cr

    LOL @ justin .. Terrible design !

  • Név*

    Nothing new, but looks cool though.

  • One

    Looks like is better suited for a chair, but one could argue the a radicals can seel a chair as a storage device, but not shelf. Huuummmm. One need to love thinking about it to use this piece…

  • polex

    @ james, maybe the BOUROULLEC brothers are the design reference for everybody, trends are in the air anyway

  • Rebecca

    wow this is so junky. unresolved. flimsy-
    seriously, what can we put on those shelves?

    Looks messy.

  • mama

    Agree – flimsy and childish.

  • rusak srg

    ok, nice, reminds me the kvadrat tiles… but if we’re talking about storage here, show me one picture that actually shows that it works, I mean all the pictures just display empty combs. So not sure about strength and resistance, but stilln poetic and sweet…

  • dd

    i can promise you. it’s working.
    i’ve been in london and one of the guys was demonstrating the strength.
    he pushed the object and it was moving about 30 cm on top. it wasn’t collapsing.
    in my opinion it is not really a storage more than an object to put a few things in.

  • zuy