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New products by ilio

Turkish design brand ilio presented its new range at 100% Design in London last month.Turkish design brand ilio presented its new range at 100% Design in London last month.

The Istanbul-based brand, which produces furniture and tableware, was formed in 2007. Above: Twig chair. Top image: Above: Black Diamond armchair.


Above: sprout and twig. The following information is from ilio:


the story within

ilio is about living with nature and getting along with it. ilio’s tableware and furniture collection thrives from this concept and brings multi-layered products in terms of aesthetics and notion. Below: Icedrop candle holder


It addresses those who enjoy the present and look forward to the future with the aim of animating future lifestyles. The designs offer an array of new experiences encouraging to re-discover senses. Make moments joyful, ever different, worth sharing. ilio is the home product brand of Demirden Design. Below: Bookwave


The brand was established in 2007 to label the collections of tableware and furniture created to celebrate the art of fine living. “Since Demirden’s inception in, we have thought of ourselves as explorers in the world of meanings, sharing our discoveries with others through various media.” Within one year, ilio’s creators managed to develop and realize their concepts brought together as the 2009 collection.


Thus, creativity and productivity build up the foundation and language of ilio. Istanbul-based Demirden Design is a company with years of experience in the design industry distinguished with recent Red Dots and the Design Management Award. Demirden’s multidisciplinary approach and internal synergy has resulted in its successful past and promising future.


ilio creative team consists of three siblings – Mehtap Obuz, Hasan Demir Obuz and Sema Obuz – members of a family with a long artistic tradition, supported by designers Nil Deniz and Sule Koc. “What makes us unique is our comprehensive approach – for us, every object has a story of its own and we bring that story into life”.

ilio team plan on building on their company’s legacy to create ilio designs, combining their creative visions with advanced craftsmanship. Design is the language that we’re most comfortable speaking and we best express ourselves through the playful union of function and aesthetics. Discover the story within each object. At first glance beautiful and functional, daring and playful inside.