Michael Schumacher World Champion
Tower by LAVA



Architects Chris Bosse and Tobias Wallisser of Laboratory for Visionary Architecture Asia Pacific (LAVA) have unveiled Michael Schumacher World Champion Tower at the Cityscape property fair in Dubai.


The 59-storey tower, one of seven to be built around the world, has been built in collaboration with former Formula 1 champion Schumacher, and is described as "branded architecture’s next step".


The following is from LAVA:



Future Living – Michael Schumacher Tower launched in Abu Dhabi

Today at Dubai cityscape, Formula 1 legend Michael Schumacher presents the design for The Michael Schumacher World Champion Tower, the first in a series of seven towers to be built worldwide. A unique concept envisioned by Joachim Swensson, founder of branding specialists PNYG:COMPANY, the building represents branded architecture’s next step.


“The Tower marks a departure from traditional architectural thinking,” state the architects Chris Bosse and Tobias Wallisser. The tower designers represent a new generation of architects. Being responsible as associate architects for world recognised structures such as the Water cube in Beijing and the Mercedes-Benz Museum in Germany.


Just one year ago, they founded LAVA, the Laboratory for Visionary Architecture, a worldwide architectural network, together with architect Alexander Rieck, innovation expert at the Fraunhofer institute in Stuttgart.


“The project brings together our previous experiences, the Mercedes-Benz Museum, a brand-owned museum with an extraordinary spatial concept exploring the latest digital design and fabrication technologies with the Water cube Beijing, an example of the highest performance of both the building and the athletes, creating by a stunning atmosphere developed through the deliberate morphing of molecular science, architecture and phenomenology”, says Chris Bosse.


Inspired by the geometrical order of a snowflake and the aerodynamics of a Formula 1 racing car, the tower encapsulates speed, fluid dynamics, future technology and natural patterns of organisation. Rather than purely mimicking shapes in nature for their elegance and unpredictability, the architects learned from nature’s own geometrical orders creating highly efficient structures and intriguing spaces.


“We let the design unfold as a result of the project’s needs: optimal natural light and air distribution, maximum views, minimal structure, user comfort and an unrivalled water experience”, explains Tobias Wallisser. The organisational principle of a minimal surface allowed the optimisation of the facade/floor area ratio and each apartment in the 59 storey luxury tower has unobstructed ocean views.


“The unique collaboration with Michael Schumacher gave us new insights. Technology, precision, speed, elegance, paired with human intuition and extraordinary performance were a great source of inspiration for the design. Similar to the formula one operation, construction is a team sport with a lot of highly skilled experts. In this sense the architects take the driver seat in the process, taking the project to the physical limits of possibility”, adds Alexander Rieck.


The lower levels of the tower, traditionally the most difficult and least attractive area, has been reinterpreted as a series of prestigious wharf apartments, terraced similar to that of cruise ship decks. By widening the base, the tower is anchored into its surrounding water basin similar to the surrounding mangroves and nearby canals. The top Sky villas offer 270-degree views opposite the new cultural district on Saadyiat Island.


The building features an iconic silhouette and a facade characterised by vertical slots with private balconies. A series of reflective fins generates a vertical dynamic and gives the building a constantly changing appearance. The fins track the sun, control the solar shading and dissolve the rationality of the plan into a continuously evolving building volume. The facade’s continuous surface enables curvature with a lot of repetition and the potential for standardisation in the building process. State-of-theart engineering and innovative materials will be used to achieve a fully sustainable performance.


The Tower Ground Breaking will be at the beginning of 2009, with a completion date around June 2011.
Client: Vedera Capital|Marasi
Concept: PNYG:COMPANY, Dubai
Architecture: LAVA (Laboratory for Visionary Architecture),
Stuttgart|Sydney with Wenzel+Wenzel, Abu Dhabi

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  • axl rose

    dudes whats going on? no more smartass comments?
    back to hatching toilet blocks in autocad light?

  • boy who cries wolf

    I like how everyone here is soooo senitive.

  • Stefan

    this tower is planned on the same planet where humen got a finincial crisis and some serious climate trouble right???

  • future

    no back to grasshopper and alias … cool design

  • Past present

    Yes Stefan, the same planet, but on the other side, where people are not brain washed and paralyze by guilt and fear, so they can’t think to find different solutions….

  • Stefan

    Nice Point Past present but what seems to be more “brain washed” for you? To think about new solutions IN the context of our social and economical situation or to build a design tower which looks like student design visions from 1999?
    In fact i like organic and fluid forms and i really like aesthetic experiments doesnt matter if the form makes much sense btw. just to try to go some steps further is an brilliant idea in times where many views stuck and cant be moved… but please… who in this world asked for a big scale project which has nothing really new to it…?

  • Diegs

    Stefan, you have the emotions of a child it seems. Or possibly not enough experience on this planet. Personally, I’d love to see this project a go. I’d also love to see you’re idealistic proposal put to paper!

  • Stefan

    emotions of a child because of …?
    well let me put it in another way… facade experiments are always interesting… but a small city hall would be more appropriate to do so… big structure experiments are interesting as well… but then i want to see a real structure not jsut some lines which looks like they could be adapted from nature… in fact this project is not half as intelligent as it looks like… so it is not structure experiment it is facade experiment… and when it comes down to the intention it looks like they just need to build something big… so it is more or less a social thing not even a facade thing… and in the next step they just build it without reflect what they can move in social aspects so in the end its a big tower which will afect its sourrounding in random ways… but ok! tell me things about child emotions again please ;-)

  • It’s both encouraging to see the big names posting to this blog in response to LAVA’s work, and amusing to read the comments by the commentariat. Just wait till these people see the non-orthogonal designs that were documented by Dr Vollers of The Netherlands, at the recent CFTBH conference.

    If you have difficulties with this design, wait till you see the Free Shapers, Sliding Twisters and Intersecting helical twisters design categories on the drawing board. I say give these guys a break, if they have already had one of their collaborative projects successfully translated into a LEGO design, then thay have something going for them. Until those out there with problems can say that you have achieved this yourselves, then pull you head in.

    I think this design is pretty cool, but the term buildability needs to be remembered, spare a thought for your Engineers and Sub-Contractors.


    michael must drive and architecure must happen, but they together we saw upward is not impossible!


    Stefan read SMLXL and calm down!

  • ex uts

    unsw graduate who are you?
    smart person obviously….
    see you at d city launch?

  • scarpasez

    It looks like a Chess Rook, and is almost lovely, but the triangular symmetry eliminates any sense of surprise.

  • Sirs
    Its a beauty.
    We wish we could have one of the seven in Kerala- Trivandrum- INDIA ( one of
    the most beautiful place on the planet.)
    There is our Prime land (50 acres – 2million sqft of lake front& sea on the otherside . The Trivandrum airport is 3.5 km from our property.
    We invite Mr Schumacher and Lava to visit us and be our guests
    the Govt of kerala can sent you an official invite.
    The Dubai-Middle East is 3hrs flight from Kerala
    Kindly reply. Thankyou
    truly. Vijayaraghavan Deepak Kumar Chairman 1000thope. from Chennai India

  • laila

    6 pointed star in UAE
    indeed :)

  • Sini kal

    Not a lot has been said in the last few months; what happened- did the credit crunch have the desired effect and put this one on the back-burner?

  • Pernell

    Alright, Schumacher is going BIG!!!, despite of what others think…. Its cool, i mean, if i was a Formula 1 7 times World Champion, im damn sure i’d build 7 freaking nice towers around the world, this guy is making money and who cares!?!?! Its all about business, ofcourse most of the people dont understand what big business are, however, it has to be done, this is not only a 7 tower project, its work/jobs for a lot of people, investment, development and so much more, and… i think the desing is awesome.

  • vinny

    so Micheal is bak in f1 for the 2010 season. what happens if he wins this year they have to build another tower somewhere else in the world!! what purpose? it is a great architecture but i dont think micheals name should be involved.i been his fan for a long time and this is just bringing his popularly down, whether he has anything to do with it or not, it looks like a jerk way to show that he won 7 f1 world titles! were the actual trophies not enough??

  • june 2011 has now gone was this tower build or not

  • Sandipan Roy

    Future architecture is not only about crying hoarse the Green Environment propaganda but also about the synergy of the holistic progression of mankind and using technological advent to the convenience aspects of (wo)man.

  • Erdem

    There is plenty of space in Dubai, so why bother with a skyscraper? I think "Fluid Dynamics", "Aerodynamics" and "Speed" makes more sense on a horizontal setting.
    To add more, instead of building another skyscraper for the riches in Dubai, Schumacher should give his name to something more beneficial, like Ayrton Senna did.

  • Pierre Sinsua

    They do look nice regardless of all that marketing.