A Pile of Suitcases by
Maarten de Ceulaer



Here are some more images of A Pile of Suitcases, a wardrobe presented by Belgian designer Maarten De Ceulaer at the Graduation Galleries 2008 show at Design Academy Eindhoven.


The show opened last week, during Dutch Design Week, and continues until October 26.


See our previous story for more about the Design Academy graduate show, which includes this project.


The following is from Maarten De Ceulaer:


Designer: Maarten De Ceulaer
Department: Man and Living
Graduated: 2008
Website: www.maartendeceulaer.com
Photo by Astrid Zuidema
Project: Pile of Suitcases
Description: A pile of suitcases functioning as a classy wardrobe with a variable composition and well-measured compartments. Steel profiles keep the pile firmly together, leaving ample room for change.

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  • zuy

    it will be more interesting to select photos that show the variation of composition and some details

  • another

    Just plain cool.

  • zuy

    French designer Inga Sempé has also a project with suitcase , mobile furniture

  • Modular

    Droog just slapped my face

  • Xit

    Like the concept, just not convinced about the functionality of the handles in suitcase mode.

  • unpopular

    aargh… its the untalented hand. no. don’t let it out… this must be the portal to Baloneya, where an evil witch has cast her spell of eternal irony over the entire land…
    soon irony will spread over our entire realm, and all creativity will be limited to banal but oh so clever gestures… all hope is lost.

  • rypat

    Xit, I don’t think they are meant to be used as actual suitcases.
    The handles are just to open the doors.

  • gaas bijkker

    don’t you see that these suitcases are not even meant to be used in ‘suitcase mode’ , as you (Xit) call it, how could you ever use them for travelling with the handles on the side? I think it’s just a beautiful modular and expandable storage system with a great amount of poetry to it.

  • zuy

    Xit see malle vuitton in google image ,”about the functionality of the handles in suitcase mode.”… it’s not an usual suitcase

  • zuy

    french luxury brands like vuitton or hermes could manufactured this with some change in colors and details

  • Azeem

    Good initiative! But These look extremely old fashioned !!

  • Lulu

    to “Unpopular”: Just keep this kind of pretentious, snobbish and unjustified comments for yourself in the future please, I can clearly
    see how you became this unpopular…

  • Ren

    “how could you ever use them for travelling with the handles on the side?”

    Would be even cooler if you could travel with them

  • zuy

    it’s more trunkes , boxes than suitcases….

  • zuy

    seen in interieurs 08 in belgium by casamania so it will be soon a product

  • zuy

    Maarten De Ceulaer’s vision on design

    “I try to base my designs on a strong, simple and pure concept. I want to surprise, to make people smile in a very subtle way. I try to question what I see around me, and translate that in an object. I think poetry, humour and communication of ideas are very important aspects of my designs, but at the same time I want to make useful and functional objects with that way of thinking. Conceptual as they may start, my designs have to be more then just ideas. A good concept in a good product is what I try to achieve.”

  • amsam

    this is simply adorable. unpopular is unpopular for a reason.

  • munari

    I think they are cool…they are also being produced by an italian brand casamania…cant wait to buy them!