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Lighten Up by [re]design

Green design collective [re]design presented a range of sustainable lights from various British designers including Julia Lohmann, Jericho Hands, Rawstudio, bluegreen&co and others at 100% Design in London last month.


Here is a selection of the lights that were exhibited. Top image: Firewinder by The Firewinder Company. Above: Circa light by Rawstudio


Above: The Bakelite telephone lamp, made from an old telephone by Jericho Hands.


Above: Nesting lamp, made from kelp by Julia Lohmann. More on this project in our earlier story.

The following is from Redesign:

Bright ideas matter.

It is widely accepted that we have no more than 10 years to tackle climate change. We are at a crucial stage of eco-awareness.
We all know about energy-efficient lightbulbs and their role in cutting carbon emissions. With new lighting technologies proliferating and many countries phasing out incandescent bulbs, we’re also at a pivotal point in the history of lighting.


So, with Lighten Up, [re]design looks beyond the bulb. Good design is good for the planet and makes people feel good. Above: Ecopetlite by Ateliero.


How can lighting design light up our lives? The quest for sustainability is driving the evolution of new aesthetics, materials and interactions, as well as technologies. Above: Radiance by Ed Horsford


The approaches you’ll find here include: A focus on efficiency: new uses and looks for energy-efficient lighting technology, renewable energy sources, monitoring energy use and motivating behaviour change. Above: Lamppot by Alanna Cochrane


Awareness of material choices: sustainably produced natural resources, local production, reclaimed or recycled materials. Consideration of the relationship between product and user: adaptability and responsiveness, user as maker, and designs that recall past times. Above: The apprentice lamp by bluegreen&co


Long-term thinking: products that last a lifetime, and design with future lifecycles in mind. Above: Agoon by Re-silicone


Each chapter investigates one of nine essential [re]strategies for sustainable design – offering insight and inspiration for the next generation of lighting. So get switched on. You never know, you may even enjoy your very own ‘lightbulb moment’. Here’s where a little light reading can make a big difference… Above: Crush by Jamsheed Todiwala


Above: Tetra lamp by Masif Designs


Above: Tibia floor lamp by Studiomold


Above: Solid by Studiomama


Above: Pulp lamp by David Gardener. More about this project in our earlier story.


Above: Pack by Rentaro Nishimura


Above: Non standard lamp by Anna Mcconnell


Above: Eco desk lamp by Luminair


Above: Drunk by Yoon Bahk