Mondrian South Beach by Marcel Wanders


Mondrian South Beach, a hotel and apartment complex with interiors by Marcel Wanders, opens in Miami Beach on 1 December.


The hotel residence, which has 335 studios and apartments, is styled as a "sleeping beauty's castle".


See our story from December 2006 about the launch of the project.


See a video interview with Wanders about the project here.


Here's some info from the building's owner, Morgans Hotel Group:


Inspired by its LA namesake – known for cutting-edge design and glamorous nightlife personified by the original Skybar – South Beach is the latest in an exclusive collection of cities, including Scottsdale, that welcomes the Mondrian brand.


Mondrian marks the first hotel outside of the Netherlands designed by Marcel Wanders, one of Fast Company’s 2008 “Masters of Design.” Conceived by the famed visionary as “Sleeping Beauty’s castle,” residents and guests will truly live within a modern fantasy. Wanders inverts traditional design elements to create chic, dramatic living spaces. He will furnish the hotel residences with original pieces from his design studio, where he produces everything from lighting to flooring, including chairs, tables and sofas.

Exteriors will offer entry to a magical world, including an oasis of lush gardens that include a glamorous outdoor bar, private cabanas created with curtains of living foliage, and even a tented children’s space with a sandbox and toys. While Delano’s signature Water Salon became an international destination, Mondrian will raise the bar for poolside decadence with Wanders’ fantastical designs.

Also envisioned by Wanders, the hotel will feature Morgan’s world-renowned agua spa, debuting an exclusive skincare line and several new treatments. Jeffrey Chodorow also presents the latest Asia de Cuba restaurant, bringing a vibrant, social atmosphere with innovative menus that incorporate the best of Asian and Latin cuisines.

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  • Fred

    This looks very dated to me.
    This neo-baroque revival didn’t age so well, did it ?
    And the déjà vu feeling is tiring.

  • OKP

    i am dutch and am happy wanders builds hotels outside holland so i dont have to see them .. thank you

  • One

    Egipt in stead of Rome, obsolete, grotesque, do not understand how a Dutch man can come up with some thing greezy lik ethis.

  • Loukas

    I really like Marcel Wanders, or maybe say i really liked him, because to be honest, since the last Milan Furniture Fair he turned into a tacky designer. Where is that man with the great forward thinking, the innovative and clever designs? I mean that neo-baroque thing it has to end, if it hasn’t yet. Obviously not for Marcel!

    Well i’m not going to loose faith yet, i will wait until this hotel become real and then judge him again, but is a long time until that day. I hope in between will surprise us with something new, a new design language, a fresh look and ideas in the design terrain.

  • bald skull

    seriously, this place looks vulgar. maybe it’s that second rendered images, and maybe it’s nicer in person w/ people inside, but this place looks pretty ridiculous.

  • The only thing worth salvaging from this is the mirrorball desk thing.

  • l. brathwaite

    I also dislike this, is quite dated. The ironic part of all this is that they have been pushing this building for the past couple of years, especially in Dec. when the Miami Basel and Design Miami at no other location than the Delano Hotel which happens to be the pinnacle of this style by no other than Stark himself!.

    BTW: Fred, if you are going to make such statements at least know what Baroque really is because there is nothing baroque about this work. MW only wishes he could be baroque and be comfortable not trying to be Phillipe or Hayon every other time he gets a commission.
    Good night and sorry for the rough crit but if I want this atmosphere its much cheaper for me to just rent a nice room at the Delano for a full week, go back home to NYC and keep the rest 2,000,000 invested somewhere else!

  • vega

    good job!

  • Xit

    @l. brathwaite, I think the correct order of the “trickle down effect” in styling would be Starck, Wanders and then Hayon.

    MW has been around for a long time and has tremendously influenced the design world, Hayon is relitively new to the scene.

    Not to say that I like this dated MW effort.

  • Kris Adams

    I feel really disappointed and let down by Marcel Wanders. Gone are the days when I truly admired his work and his antithesis to the rest of the junk that many designers added to the planet. His designs were so well executed, so innovative yet rational. His work was what I would call really human, it had that feeling that someone had made it rather than somthing…

    Now it seems he’s lost his way and I don’t know why. I think it’s wrong to judge someone for this as not many people would have the benefit of going through the quick and large success that this dutchman has had in such a short space of time.

    He just seems to be working for companies rather than his own goals now and in that sense he won’t really be adding much ‘substance’ in the design world.

    I think he’s still capable of great things, maybe once his popularity has subsided a little he’ll get back to doing what he loves again?

  • Anthony W.

    I like it….Trendy and Unexpected, by the publics standards that is…….though the designers feel very different…i like the approach.

    Mr. Wanders I still dig you!

  • Ivana Vasak

    This seems like something done for one season, say Christmas. How soon and at what cost will this be “redecorated” in a few years is anybody’s guess. This kind of shapes is very tiring for the senses on a continuous basis.

  • zuy
  • Agreeing or not with Marcel’s design, I hope everyone who visits Miami will take the time to visit this hotel and one of its rooms. Marcel has the gift to create enchanting interiors and this one won’t be different. If it will be a nightmare or a dream, we will have to wait and see in real, but for sure it will be a place that will leave a great impression.
    I hope we can get some real pictures soon. Good work, Marcel Wanders team!

  • zuy

    it why Philippe Starck asked Marcel Wanders to enter in the “dream team “of interior designers of Yoo

  • aida tan

    very kitch don’t like

  • I am sooooo over this Baroque crap. It’s over, it’s redundant and it’s not new and unexpected anymore. I can’t believe that the people who hired MW to design something new and iconic accepted this crap. This looks like Phillipe Starck except for the columns. Everything else (except for the lamp shape in the pool) looks like another Phillipe Starck project. I feel sorry for who ever bought a condo in this place. They are not stepping into a dream world, it’s more like a nightmare once they realize that what they bought into as the next best thing is sooooo 2004!

    MW wake up and dream something new!!

  • Rodrigo McNeal

    Does anyone know where the hotel bought the red outdoor plastic couches and chairs?