Little Satans by Muungano and



Swedish designers Muungano and Sandberg&Timmonen created these toys in collaboration with the Makonde tribe in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.


The figures are developed by Muungano and the Makonde via email, then carved from ebony by the tribe.


Here's some more information from Muungano:


Africa puts satan in vinyl toys.

These Shetanis, or 'little Satans' have been individually hand carved from ebony by the Makonde tribe in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, who have been making similar figures for about 1500 years.

In an attempt to both refresh the vinyl toy market and celebrate the ancient figure-carving skills and traditions of the Makonde, designs are created by Muungano and the Makonde together, mostly communicating via email.

The project is the collaborative brainchild of Swedish design collective Muungano, retailer A World Beneath, the design duo Sandberg&Timmonen and the Makonde tribe.

More about Muungano on Dezeen:



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  • parry

    Can kids chew on vinyl without getting sick? Because they will chew on them.

  • net

    this is cute cool.

  • Tyler


  • These are gorgeous! I’m not sure I’d class them as a toy though, I’d put them on display personally.

    Fantastic to see a new technology helping a collaboration which celebrates an ancient art form.

  • dadenk

    Parry i really dont think you should worry too much about the vinyl here. Its completely safe for drewling juveniles to chew on a little Satan once in a while. That is, if these voodoo puppets arent jinxed, otherwise you’d better worry about finding yourself an exorcist…

  • littleson

    where can i get one?

  • mikaël

    email me, I know a good exorcist…

  • eduardo

    lovely pieces, looks like wood and paper.
    wouldlove to have one to “play”!

  • J

    hey parry
    kids chew on everything.
    should educate/look after your kids. :)

  • xtiaan

    erm people, theyre made from ebony, which is WOOD not vynil
    about as nontox as you can get