Wire Lighting Collection by Deadgood



Dan Ziglam & Elliot Brook of UK-based manufacturers Deadgood have designed a lighting range called Wire Lighting Collection.


The collection is made using CNC wire-bending techniques, and includes pendant and table lamps in five different sizes. The lamps are available powder-coated in red, black or white, or with a rust and lacquer patina.


The following is from Deadgood:


Deadgood Present The Wire Lighting Collection...
“Our vision is clear, our values are strong and our desire to succeed is unstoppable and it is our creativity and courage that will help us on this journey to build and grow a unique and exciting, internationally recognised design brand.” Dan Ziglam & Elliot Brook, Deadgood Directors


Designed by Ziglam & Brook and manufactured by Deadgood, the ‘Wire Lighting Collection’ is the first range to be released from their highly anticipated 2009 Collection.


After recently securing investment into the company, Deadgood are implementing an ambitious development strategy, launching a series of collaborations with emerging British designers and aiming to reposition the brand alongside a number of established industry players.


Deadgood’s ‘Wire Lighting Collection’ makes iconic reference to the classic Urn lamp and combines traditional styling with an original Deadgood twist. Featuring classic Table Lamp and Pendant styles, the range will be available in five different sizes and comes finished in three bright powder coated colours, including a quintessentially British pillar box red and high gloss Black and White options. The full range is also available with a striking natural rust and lacquer patina.


“Our idea was to produce a family of lighting that represented the past whilst also having two feet firmly planted in the now. We wanted to create a timeless classic that would be unaffected by trends and taste and could be used in a variety of different environments. I also love the fact that this range is made in Britain to the high standards we consistently demand.” (Dan Ziglam, Design Director, Deadgood)


Produced utilising the latest CNC wire bending techniques, these simple and technically efficient products come supplied with the very latest energy saving bulbs and offer great green credentials. The full collection will be available to members of the trade by contacting Deadgood directly and will also be available through a network of retailers nationwide or online at Deadgood’s very own store.


Sizes Available:
Table Lamp:
Small: 300mm Wide x 450mm High
Medium: 490mm Wide x 800mm High
Large: 800mm Wide x 1350mm High

Small: 490mm Wide x 375mm High
Large: 800mm Wide x 620mm High


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  • JC

    I like TAF arkitekt kontor lamp ” three ” for Zero better, it represent Three lamp-archetypes constitute one triptych and it has been made 4 years ago.


  • roz

    i agree. also prefer the one’s decode london launched in milan in april – far more elegant. guess wire is ‘in’.

  • zuy

    i prefer the swiss one http //www.architonic.com/1042452

  • eduardo

    i don’t understand why people insist on leaving the bulb without protection.
    is very unpleasant to the eyes.

  • Bas

    Lighting ’48’


  • Wire forms have been around for long and now hardly news. Coupled with that is the unprotected bulb. These `new’ designs are not going anywhere.

  • Jonathan End

    are the wires really show a classical beauty or they just simply can’t construct an impressive form?

  • cpp

    Viable london

  • c#

    I agree with roz. The Decode London one is much more graphic and interesting. This is just another take on the “traditional” light shade which is getting a bit overdone now.

  • Pat

    the light bulb without protection gives out the ugliest coldest light

  • c#

    I don’t entirely agree with Pat. Look at the Moooi Random and non-Random lights. These also have no protection but I believe are stunning and give out a pleasant light. If you use a standard incandescent with these types of shades then perhaps, yes, it is a bit cold when undiffused but there are so many other types of bulbs and newer low-energies out these days that have almost built in diffusion.