Plus salt and pepper mills by Norway Says



Oslo-based designers Norway Says have designed a range of salt and pepper grinders called Plus for Danish manufacturer Muuto.


Made from lacquered-beech, the grinders have a ceramic mechanism and come in three colours: black for pepper, white for salt or multi-coloured for either.


The following is from Norway Says:


The PLUS mills are made in wood and come with a mill-mechanism that has a 25 year warranty. They come in 3 versions; a white salt and black peppermill and a multicoloured version that has both the salt and pepper option.

The traditional parts of salt and pepper mills are split into a stack of different sized elements. The composition reflects how you grip and use the mill. The biggest element is of course the one you turn to grind your salt and pepper.

Material: first class beech wood - stained and lacquered
Colours: white, black, multi-coloured
Dimensions: Ø 67mm, Height 180mm


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  • Xit

    Sure this one isn’t by Ettore Sottsass ?

    maybe just a homage then :)

  • l dawg

    looks like baby toys….next

  • lorbus

    Very Sottsass-y.

  • mikeyc2606


  • Rem Koolhaas


  • kingmu

    charming. honest. useful.

  • White paper

    Oh WOW! This is really relevant…..

  • Flip Sellin

    Sottsas+Lego+80ies+bauhaus+very nicely handcrafted feel.
    The finish looks Arabia like. So +scandinavian craft. Muuto
    is becomming a serious player in design production, lets face

  • harpreet

    the spirit of sottsass is immortal. cant help being reminded of his works (the ceramics mostly) looking at these. beautiful!

    how about a competition on these, dezeen?

  • zuy

    Norway Says: thanks Sottsass

  • millerighe
  • monkeypuzzle

    Just bought them the other day (one coloured and one white).
    They’re really lovely to handle and look great on a bright green table!

  • Jonathan End


  • zuy

    it’s quite different from the Sottsass’s mill for Alessi but as it is a totem it’s looks like other pieces of Sottsass

  • zuy
  • Ren

    Zuy, ^^ check the first comment on this post :)

  • Flip Sellin

    I want them!

  • zuy

    Thanks Ren sometimes i feel alone :)