Design Miami Temporary Structure by Aranda\Lasch 2



Design Miami 08: here are some photos of the Temporary Structure designed by New York architects Aranda\Lasch to house the Design Miami collectors' fair that ended yesterday (Saturday).


See our earlier story for more info about the structure.


Photos are by James Harris.






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  • Nice effect with the laser cut fabric. The first and last pictures make it look like a permanent building.

  • dj

    wow.this is amazing!

  • vortekxt


  • ayush

    I like the simplicity of the idea..

  • kolohe

    another example of when exciting theoretical/mathematical/scientific study falls short in built form.

  • fanatic

    I notice this always happens. When everyone agrees that this is a great work, there will be one or two jokers out there that will despise everything that is good.

  • rhombhoidial28x

    So the emphasis was only on the façade???

  • bald skull

    this doesn’t look anything like their original concept… just saying…

  • kolohe


    it doesn’t seem that everyone agrees this is such a stellar work..
    i do actually appreciate good work though, but hey, they built it and i didn’t so good for them.

  • K

    It reminds me of the cloth they use to camoflauge temporary structures in the military. Same lazer-cut idea to effect foliage. Except this one is made to draw attention to the object rather than disguise it.

  • Goran

    I think it is really cool… Simple, atractive, different, low cost…