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Design Miami Chat Shows: Aranda\Lasch

The fourth of our Design Miami Chat Shows filmed in Miami last month features American architects Benjamin Aranda (above) and Chris Lasch of Aranda\Lasch.

Filmed at Design Miami in front of a live audience, Aranda and Lasch talk about the five images (including snowflakes and a Native American basket weaver) they selected in response to the Design Miami Chat Shows brief: My Design Life in Five Images.

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Design Miami Chat Shows are supported by Fendi.

Here's a biography of Aranda\Lasch:


Benjamin Aranda & Chris Lasch

Aranda\Lasch is an award-winning New York architectural studio established in 2003 by Benjamin Aranda (b. 1973) and Chris Lasch (b. 1972).

Through computational exploration, Aranda\Lasch makes discoveries in the realm of structure and space, resulting in exquisite crystalline designs for buildings, installations and objects. The firm has an alter-ego practice named terraswarm, which produces urban-scaled interventions as short films and video installations.

Their early projects were the subject of the critically acclaimed book, Tooling, published by Princeton Architectural Press. Aranda\Lasch and terraswarm have exhibited their work internationally in galleries and institutions dealing with design and architecture. Objects and furniture designed by Aranda\Lasch are represented by Johnson Trading Gallery in New York. In 2008 they were commissioned by the MoMA in New York to produce a large-scale installation for the design exhibition, Design and the Elastic Mind.

Currently they are working with the artist Matthew Ritchie and arts institution T-BA21 on the first “anti-pavilion” – a large and ruined, three-dimensional drawing of the universe, partially installed at the 2008 Venice Biennale first, and fully realized at the Seville Biennale in October.

Aranda\Lasch was selected as the 2007 United States Artists Fellow in Architecture & Design. Aranda\Lasch is designing the temporary structure which will house the main body of the fair at this year’s Design Miami/.