Library by Thomas Bentzen



Danish designer Thomas Bentzen has designed a freestanding storage unit that looks a bit like a doll's house on legs.


Called Library, it is made of wood and powder-coated steel.


The following text is from Thomas Bentzen:


Name/Library Specs
Storage space and room divider

Library is an extension of FBJ's core product line furniture for receptions, offices and banks. A room divider, a cosy nook, a shot of homeliness with a sloping ceiling that can be tiled with books or magazines.


The book ends offer storage space for magazines, a graphic deviation in the room, which can be used to create order or chaos. Library is made in classic ash to give the storage a warm glow.


Library was made for SE/ THE CABINETMAKERS AUTUMN EXHIBITION 2008 - FIFTY FIFTY - in collaboration between manufacturers and designers.

Material/Wood & powdercoated steel

Measures/100 x 40 x 90-115-140 cm


Made by/FBJ Inventar-snedkeren & BCI

Status/One off (so far)

Photo/Jeppe Gudmundsen Holmgreen

Posted on Sunday December 21st 2008 at 1:57 am by Matylda Krzykowski. Copyright policy | Comments policy

  • zuy

    great concept

  • HC

    I’ve seen these at the exhibition, and I quite like them. But I can´t understand why they are never shown with some books/magazines on, so we can see how they will look in their proposed environment..

  • mikaël

    Simple, works well, looks good. Proof that furniture for institutions and public spaces doesn’t have to be mind numbing.