High School #9 by Coop Himmelb(l)au



Architects Coop Himmelb(l)au have completed a visual and performing arts high school in Los Angeles, USA.


The campus is comprised of seven buildings: four classroom buildings, a library, a cafeteria and a professional performing arts theatre.


The comprehensive high school will accommodate about 1,800 students, organised into four academies.


Here's some more information from Coop Himmelb(l)au:


Completion of COOP HIMMELB(L)AU's High School #9, Los Angeles, USA

The Central Los Angeles Area High School #9 for the visual and performing arts by COOP HIMMELB(L)AU has just been completed. The school will open for the new school year in September 2009.


The Central Los Angeles Area High School #9 for the Visual and Performing Arts of the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) is part of phase II of LAUSD's rigorous state bond funded plan to have 155 new schools built in its district by 2012.


Located on a 9.8 acre site on Grand Avenue in downtown Los Angeles, the school will be a comprehensive High School and in addition will offer courses in the Visual Arts, Performing Arts, Music and Dance.


Above images by Tom Bonner.

Below images by Lane Barden.


Due to its central location the High School will be a part of the cultural facilities along the Grand Avenue cultural corridor, joining the Disney Concert Hall, Music Center, Colburn School of Music, Museum of Contemporary Art and the Cathedral of our Lady of the Angels.


To fulfil its mandate as a public facility in keeping with the spirit of the other facilities on Grand Avenue the school campus will include a professional performing arts theater for just below 1,000 visitors, a venue, which so far has been missing in the spectrum of performance facilities downtown Los Angeles.


The theater will be used for educational purposes, will be open to the public and for use by other institutions, and is equipped with a full stage, orchestra pit, back stage and fly-loft.


The school will house approximately 1,800 students organized in four academies, one for each discipline in the Arts. Accordingly, the campus is comprised of seven buildings: the theater building, four classroom buildings, the library and the cafeteria.


The unique central position of the site downtown, separated from the Grand Avenue corridor by the 101 freeway and thus visually exposed along the edge of one of the most widely used thoroughfares in downtown Los Angeles, was a determining factor in the decision to use this site to create LAUSD's flagship high school for the Visual and Performing Arts and together with the program served as the point of departure for the architectural concept for the school.








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  • wooo lot of negativity and yea hwell im going tommorow hopefully i get acepted see you guys there hopefully

  • hey britney i know you dont know me but wat grade are you going to cause im also going to this school

  • robert john

    the glitzy photos on the various “design” websites carefully avoid what’s all too obvious when this site is seen in person – this place – artfully designed & conceived – is LA’s first country club prison – It has a shockingly strong Iron Curtain feeling and tone through-out the entire site – were it not for some bits of artful geometery sprinkled here and there amounfg the buildings, this site could be in Poland or eastern Eurpoe circa 1949…it’s another extravagent waste of tax-payer funding on a design that goes completely in the wrong direction…Education should not be taught behind steel gates, in concrete tombs or behind iron bars…

  • OG

    OMG. school starts on wednesday!! =]]

  • Gerard

    i love going to this school..
    im in the dance academy!!

  • elinc

    As a Los Angeles resident, I find this building unfortunate. The pictures fail to convey the discordant / schizophrenic quality of the place. It is like several designs mashed together, trying too hard to mix shapes and finishes, never settling on a cohesive plan. High concept in a way that will ultimately look dated, expressing the worst and not the best of contemporary design. It does serve as an interesting counterpoint to the Disney Concert Hall down the street – illustrating the positive aspects of the latter, and how modern design still requires some aesthetic sense and is more than the random combination of shapes with shiny surfaces.

  • elain

    your all wrong my kids love it there and the school and kids make huge comitments on how to keep it clean don’t say anything about it because you dont know anything.

  • pn

    Enough about the structure of the school, Over all how is the school academically? How are the teachers? My soon is gifted in the visual art, Is this a good school? Any parnents please respond. Thank you.

  • karolyne vitoria santana

    eu queria saber se essa escola é paga?
    por favor me respondam,estou muito interessada.
    obs:falo de Brasil,Maceió-AL

  • dee

    this school is awesome and Im in the dance academy!!!!! woot woot!!!!!

  • AE

    First of all, I’m not a parent but I do go to the school and I will answer PN’s question..
    Artistically..the school has a wide variety of courses e.g in visual arts there is Photography, Life Drawing, Painting, Sculpture and Ceramics.
    Academically balanced as well, we do have AP classes though some of them are kind of weak..
    I do say that since it’s a new school it would be.. weak.. give it time and it’ll be able to stand on it’s ground..

    The teachers are amazing, there not your typical high school teachers, they are artistic and the most understanding people, some of them though are kinda loony but all in all i’ll give it 8|10

    This is a good school when your children wants to pursue the arts, well it’s good even if you’re not focused on the “Arts” .
    They are also in partnership with CalArts so you can assure that your son/daughter will have an auspicious career with the help of the school :D

    Hope this answers your questions
    and if there’s anything more just email me @

  • tempest

    Is this why CA is failing financially?

  • lacey

    i actually go to this school, i'll be a junior this year..and this school is perfect. and some of you are really over thinking things.

  • Aaron Theodore

    i love it here. the only problem is that their are alot of kids that dont care about the arts… so if your kid is independent, he will go far here. if hes a little follower, then he'll fall in with the bad kids. and people need to stop hating on the architecture and stuff. i go tothis school and i love it. =)

  • Yoli

    I, myself, am a student at Central L.A. Highs School #9 and i think it holds a lot of open doors and opportunities for artists such as us!!!