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Dezeen’s top ten: glamorous girls


Dezeen's top ten: have you noticed how designers are using female models to promote their wares? In this month's top ten, we present the most popular stories from Dezeen that feature pictures of girls. In first place is Corpus 2.0 by Marcia Nolte, a set of seven portraits illustrating how the human body could adjust itself to the design of products.


2. "Nice curves, pity about the architecture," Matt comments about an apartment in Bucharest by Romanian architects A.A. Studio.


3. Dutch designer Tord Boontje presented his Witches’ Kitchen collection for Artecnica’s Design With Conscience range at Zona Tortona in Milan this year. Complete with witch.


4. Him and Her chairs designed by Fabio Novembre, launched by Casamania at the furniture fair in Milan this year.

5. Swedish fashion designer Sandra Backlund covered models in clothes pegs for her collection called In No Time.


6. French photographer and stylist Marianne Maric sent us these raunchy pics of girls dressed as lamps in July this year.


7.  Readers debate the age of the model in our competition to win T-shirts made of bamboo fibre by Australian designers Frost.


8. This story was actually about an aluminium sofa called Flow, designed by Belgian designer Xavier Lust for furniture brand Indera.


9. A catwalk show of models wearing accessories by jewellery designer Ted Noten opened an exhibition of his work at Stedelijk Museum’s-Hertogenbosch in the Netherlands.


10. Dutch designer Marcel Wanders presented flying girls and a new collection of wallpapers for UK brand Graham & Brown in Milan this year.

That's it for now... oh okay, here's two more:


11. Yves Béhar of Fuseproject launched a new Jawbone Bluetooth headset for manufacturers Aliph. "Wow, what a woman…." comments Grisham.

12. Victor Vetterlein always uses the same girl to model his designs - here she is with his Meeraboo ST-1 side table.

That really is it now. Another top ten coming up next month.

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