Shifting Vase by Isolation Unit



More from Isolation Unit: this vase is sliced into layers than can be rotated and rearranged.


Shifting Vase, available in granite and marble, was launched at Design Tide in Tokyo last month.


Photos are by Takumi Ota.


Here's some info from Isolation Unit:


An archetypical shape, sliced into individual segments, that can be shifted or rearranged.


This might cause surprise because we expect that the water inside will seep out: In reality, the vase will continue to keep you flowers fresh and bright.


The design shows with simple means how much we trust our experience and perception to be true.


A vase that plays with our experience and perception and interacts with the nature of the flowers.

SHIFTING VASE is crafted of solid black granite or white marble by an artisan in Kagawa prefecture. It is first shaped as a whole and then sliced into five individual segments with identical height.

The segments can be stacked and assembled freely in order to fit your favoured flowers. The water is contained only in the bottommost part in the manner of ikebana, the Japanese art of flower arrangement.

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  • nothingbutcode


    seems very practical, as in you could customize the height of the vase to accommodate the height of the flowers. and maybe even use the staggered segments to wedge/prop the stems properly up and down (if so desired).

  • The statement of the design here is finely subdued by several natural elements which is one of the evident quality in Japanese design for centuries. Simply good work. Good photo too!

  • andy

    yeah i dig this, i like it best with just the one shift. regards

  • andi

    a transparent version or colored glass would be interesting, especially to see it filled up with water

  • purple

    best vase in 2009.

  • xtiaan

    hey andi

    “The water is contained only in the bottommost part in the manner of ikebana, the Japanese art of flower arrangement.”

    Engage brain THEN type, unless you thought the interesting part was the water then pissing out all over the place…

  • Diaphanous_abyssinian

    They just get it!

  • ArtEZ

    seems as dick van hoff hiss fases

  • nicole

    Is there a distributor in Australia that sells this?