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Apartment+LIM by Isolation Unit

Japanese architect Teruhiro Yanagihara of Isolation Unit has completed a hair salon in Osaka.


The salon, for Japanese chain LIM, features individual rooms for each of six stylists.


Photos are by Takumi Ota.


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Here's some info from Isolation Unit:


The spacious salon with an area of 247 square metres is composed of six scattered boxes and void space in between.


Each box is allocated to an individual stylist and personalised to fit his/her style, like a private room in an apartment.


This shows the concept of LIM: customers come to see their favourite stylists, not to visit a salon.


There are two small galleries with showcases which give a feel of LIM's style by use of displays and which also function as a communication space between customers and staff.

There is an attached space called "loji+LIM", a training room for young stylists, which allows them to observe how top stylists work every day.