Kitchen Insects by Sayaka Yamamoto



Sayaka Yamamoto of design duo BCXSY has designed Kitchen Insects, a project illustrating imaginary insects found in a kitchen.


Resembling kitchen utensils, the images are part of a project called Little Wonders that Yamamoto completed while studying at the Design Academy Eindhoven in the Netherlands.


Here's some text from the designer:


When I was little I lived in the countryside, very close to the world of insects. I always enjoyed watching their many different shapes, colors and behavior – sometimes they made me scared and sometimes fascinated me.


After I moved away from my parents’ house to the big city, I was seeing less insects and I almost started forgetting the great times I spent with them.


In Little Wonders I evoke the same feeling as I had in my childhood and express those feelings in four different ways - Kitchen Insects, HOTARU, Hatching Yourself and Penna (see the other three projects on Yamamoto's website).


Kitchen Insects project is a graphic illustration of imaginary insects in a kitchen.



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  • B.S.

    It’s going to be a long year…..

  • modular

    Excellent. Loved this :)

  • one

    Hours and hours to which this project is already dedicated itself is amazing…

  • fantastic! what interesting observations.. Let’s start the year with some fun.. This past Monday was supposed to be the most depresssing day of the year, grey skies, credit crunch, Monday, and the end of holidays..

  • Luxury Larry

    Doesn’t everyone hate insects?

  • I need these rendered as utilitarian objects toute suite!

    @Luxury Larry–Sorry you’re the only one…

  • wair de paula jr.

    Excellent!I really loved this insects! Where can I find these objects?

  • Kitchen design is always so tough for me. Thanks for the idea!

  • miss plastic

    GRRRRR…what is with people having spider or insect phobias? they will starve to death! …but anyway, well done.

  • keti

    oh very beautiful!!! :D even though i couldn’t figure out the definition of some appliences… i hope it’s not me not knowing how to deal in the kitchen…. especially nice the colorado brown pootles :) ))

  • I call this: Go beyond a useful object by having a dual function: utility & sculpture…

    Congratulations “Artist”… :)

    Francois Beydoun

  • SUPRAPTO ( toto )

    Very beautifully,……………………and so good