Ricort by Isolation Unit



Yet more from Japanese architects Isolation Unit: this is a beauty salon for Japanese brand Ricort in Tokyo.


Wooden chairs are positioned in front of tall mirrors leaning on walls and birch trunks, which puncture the interior of the salon from floor to ceiling.


Photographs by Takumi Ota.


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  • Joe Swift

    Tony Fretton did a very similar project: http://www.tonyfretton.com/faith.htm

  • Beautiful space! What are those chairs?

  • nomad

    always lovely work by this firm

  • João

    lovely room, but too much space for that tables-on-wheels many (bad, and some good ones) hairdressers love… they are probably not so welcome, I guess…

  • nothingbutcode

    i like this.

    it’s laid-back and unpretentious while still remaining sleek and contemporary. yay.

  • modular

    Thumbs up for those chairs!

  • g22

    it’s gonna look a whole lot different when you have bottles of hair product, pieces of hair, and hair dryer cords all over the place.

    if the program was different and it were a gallery it would work a whole lot better.

    i love the tree trunks, very laugier’s primitive hut :)

  • charlotte

    wooooow I love this
    the open space
    so pure, so natural

  • Less Please.

    Great as a temporal installation to be changed every 3-6 months. In an ideal interior world…

  • angele

    i like the idea put the wooden chair in front of the mirror which leaning on w birch trunk, it bring out a different feel by learning it on wall…means that v have alternative ways…