Dellis Cay villas by Shigeru Ban



Japanese architect Shigeru Ban has designed two villas for private island Dellis Cay in the Caribbean.


Called Maison H (top image) and Maison S (above), each has a pavilion over the water called Maison O (below).


Architects David Chipperfield, Carl Ettensperger, Zaha Hadid, Kengo Kuma, Piero Lissoni, and Chad Oppenheim have also dsigned villas for the island. See all the villa designs on the Dellis Cay website. Above: Maison H


Construction is due for completion in 2010.


Above: Maison H. The following information is from Dellis Cay:


Shigeru Ban has created two contrasting designs of Beach Villa for purchase: Maison H and Maison S, both of which come with their own over-water pavilion, Maison O.

Maison H is alluringly classic simplicity with its elements centered on expansive living and dining spaces. Fully retractable glass walls open out to a reflecting pond and swimming pool make each villa appear to float on water.


Maison S is futuristic and organic, whose sinuous curves enfold a circular reflecting pond and flare outward towards an angular swimming pool and blue sea. "Both villas" as Shigeru Ban explains "are carefully designed to be sympathetic in their own right to the nature of the site, and both aim for the closest possible relationship between interior and the predominant presence of ocean." Above and below: Maison S


Fifteen villas will be located on 0.5 – 1.1 acre lots. Each villa includes its own over-water pavilion, which is a complete self-contained house in itself, and links to each main villa by private bridge. The villas are priced between $7 million and $9 million. Dellis Cay is an impressive luxury lifestyle private island. It is a secluded 560-acre island in the Turks & Calicos archipelago. Imagine pristine waters, hideaway beaches, luxury spa amenities and accommodations. It's the new St. Baths of the Caribbean, exclusive and paradisiacal and is a high profile getaway and that is becoming an international magnet.


The island will provide the world's rarest living experience in a limited collection of private residences and villas. Seven internationally renowned architects are involved in drafting private ocean villa designs many of which will be completed by 2010: Shigeru Ban, David Chipperfield, Carl Ettensperger, Zaha Hadid, Kengo Kuma, Piero Lissoni, and Chad Oppenheim, while the entire island will be serviced by the award-winning hospitality of Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group. There will even be a Dellis Cay Mandarin Oriental boutique hotel for those who want to visit the island without committing to buying another home! It will be the epitome of an exclusive getaway with 24-hour concierge service, private dining, helipad, marina, and more.


Dr. Cem Kinay, Chairman and CEO of The O Property Collection (OPC) is pleased to unveil the next collection of limited-edition villas designed by Shigeru Ban and Carl Ettensperger for his exclusive private island Dellis Cay, located in the Turks and Caicos Islands, which will be serviced by the award-winning Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group.


Shigeru Ban has created a collection of villas available in two contrasting design options: Maison S and Maison H, each of which will feature an ocean pavilion extending over the Caribbean Ocean on the South Beach of Dellis Cay. Residents may choose their ideal beachfront property, and select between the two designs for their ideal custom residence.  Adjoining the land, sky and sea, the work of Shigeru Ban is infused with a spirit of simplicity and a commitment to environmental responsibility.


Carl Ettensperger will be presenting ten Over Water Villas at Dellis Cay, which will be the Caribbean’s first over-water villas, and appear to float free against a backdrop of boundless ocean. His offering for this island was inspired by his prized work in Asia, and brings a new level of refinement to their unique Caribbean context while setting a new standard for over-water living. Above: plan, Maison S


Since the sales launch only one year before, the Piero Lissoni designed Ocean Villas are sold out and 50% of The Residences at Mandarin Oriental Dellis Cay have already sold. While the ground breaking in June 2008 marked a milestone for the development, now Dr. Kinay’s vision is being physically realized at a rapid rate.  Currently, as many as 500 construction workers are building on the island daily, and the grand opening will take place in 2010. Above: plan, Maison H

All Shigeru Ban and Carl Ettensperger Villa residents will also have privileged access to the acclaimed amenities of one of the world’s finest luxury hoteliers, Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group including the lavish 30,000 sq ft spa designed by Kengo Kuma.  Under the precise management of this legendary service provider, resident owners will be treated as permanent resort guests.  Attention to detail, efficiency and discreet service are paramount, bringing purity and simplicity to the private island experience.

Carl Ettensperger and Shigeru Ban are just two of the seven world-renowned architects who have been commissioned to design the masterpiece private island development.  The other five architects are Zaha Hadid (London); David Chipperfield (London); Kengo Kuma (Tokyo); Piero Lissoni (Milan) and Chad Oppenheim (USA). “It is under truly rare circumstances that the most recognized architects, designers, and hoteliers from around the world collaborate together, creating a cohesive architectural vision to bring The O Property Collection to life,” said Dr. Kinay.  “Our ability to unite this array of unique talent is what enables OPC to create the most innovative, design-driven luxury destinations in the world.”

In addition to the Shigeru Ban and Carl Ettensperger villas, Zaha Hadid’s singular Villa-D, and The Residences at Mandarin Oriental Dellis Cay, designed by Piero Lissoni, are currently available for purchase.

The villa launches are being celebrated with a cocktail reception on Wednesday, December 3rd in the Dellis Cay booth S7 in the VIP Art Collectors Lounge from 5-7pm. This year’s Dellis Cay booth at Art Basel Miami Beach was designed by Carl Ettensperger.  Joining Dr. Kinay and Carl Ettensperger as co-hosts of the reception will be fellow Dellis Cay architects Piero Lissoni and Chad Oppenheim.

Dellis Cay is an unspoiled 560-acre private island in the Turks and Caicos archipelago.  Serene and secluded, yet only an hour and a half from Miami, Dellis Cay combines ease of accessibility with complete privacy in a setting of alluring natural beauty.

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  • ylum

    fantastic projects in the island, awesome!
    but I prefer Hadid’s piece.

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    yeah! i just bought one of these babies . . .On credit of course!!! ;)

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  • silicon m

    Moder light weight feel with light views and openness while still being private seems to be a blending of classical proportions with chunks of solidity. This morsel of Bans architectural design recipe is a wonderful entrée to his brilliant philosophy.

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    beautifully simple!

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    like the feeling water reflected on the ceiling. the dellis cay website is amazing

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    i loveeeee it!
    i’m jealous of you mr. m!

  • Biserka

    Well, I thinks this is the best one solution. It brings more real, gently and nature contact with not only the sea (as it is primary in the others designes), than the coast and green plants and land in the surroundings!

  • The 3D renderings make Ban’s work dull, and so they do to most Japanese contemporary architecture.

  • Christina

    Please tell me he made these out of shipping containers and this was pro bono work. Even then that’s no excuse!

  • gaque

    these renderings are terrible. who could pick out such terrible furniture?

    im utterly unimpressed by this. shigeru ban is wayyy better than this.

  • gaque sweet ignorant child, the items in renderings are generally placed there to show proportion, orientation, basic style and so on.
    They hope, sometimes in vain, that the viewer will have at least a bit of imagination to fill out the room as he/she sees fit.

    Though I’m not a huge fan of the warehouse style layout I think I’d love to spend time there.
    So much one could do with that space.


  • Luxury Larry

    I luv the floor plans! The building look very open to the outdoor and would that not pose any security issues? But me the safer part of the island.

  • chin de leon

    When is the opening? im interested in applying as villa chef since i,ve worked with MandarinOriental hotels and i’m currently working as villa chef in turks and caicos. Please advice me where to send resume. thank you very much.
    Hope to hear from you soon.

  • hilmar

    The renderings are just fine and the composition, juxtapositions and spaces are wonderful. I like his work!