Heineken Lounge by UXUS



Amsterdam designers UXUS have completed a bar for beer brand Heineken at Newark International Airport, New Jersey, USA.


The bar opened last month.


The interior uses custom designed leather sofas, Heineken green anodized aluminum tables and atmospheric lighting.


Below is some more information from UXUS:


Amsterdam, 16 December 2008 – First Heineken Lounge opens at New Jersey’s Newark Liberty International Airport 17 December 2008.


Heineken and Delaware North Companies has commissioned UXUS to design the Heineken Lounge. A bold new bar concept designed for International Airports bringing the Heineken brand to life, for travelers the world over. It is an inclusive experience, giving travelers a “third place” to escape the chaos and stress of international airports and offers the benefit of Heineken’s exclusive Extra Cold chilled beer system, a fully stocked cocktail bar, within the relaxing environment you would expect from a premium airline club.


“The Heineken Lounge is an inclusive experience that showcases the brand’s premium-ness and authenticity in a unique environment,” says Shane Hoyne, Senior Brand Director, Heineken.  “We’re excited about connecting with millions of travelers who can now experience the welcoming, global nature of the brand as they prepare to depart on their own adventure.  Heineken strives to bring its consumers innovative and engaging experiences, and this Lounge delivers on that commitment.”


The environment is cosmopolitan, designed with the international traveler in mind. It incorporates Dutch design icons with custom designed seating areas created to help relax and refresh travelers in their transit. Special Cabana seating offers a sense of privacy in a public space with the comfort of a luxurious leather sofa. Heineken green anodized aluminum tables, Wengé wood room dividers, and atmospheric lighting all contribute to the sophisticated Heineken Lounge experience.

“UXUS is thrilled to have been able to create this international and premium brand experience for Heineken and Delaware North Companies. This project was a great opportunity to fill the void in International airports for an innovative and cultivated lounge experience that is open to the public,” says UXUS Creative Director George Gottl.

Founded in Amsterdam in 2003, UXUS is an award winning international multi-disciplinary creative agency specializing in retail design, branding, hospitality and interiors. UXUS delivers innovative and exciting design solutions to its global client base, including Adidas, Levi’s, McDonalds and Nokia. Recent projects for UXUS include the McDonalds McVillage and the prestigious Merus Winery.

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  • *MIRTEC*

    belgian beer is much much better…

  • jason

    not that exciting

  • charlotte

    haha I agree with Mirtec, but I like Heineken’s approach on design.
    They have great design projects.
    Belgian beer doesn’t have that.

  • rik

    Dutch beer is awe-some. Like totally.
    I don’t (really don’t) like the tiles on the floor.

  • Dominic

    I really like this, especially the controlled use of the green bottle lighting in the space. Will be sure to stop by next time i’m in Newark…

  • kosovat

    @*MIRTEC* belgian beer is much much better… It is not-dutch beer is just great – perhaps the chocolate from belgium,hmmmmm……but anyway I don’t really like this – too much darkness .

  • taaaaa

    custom designed sofas? emm..?

  • I agree on controlled green lighting. It looks really cool and definitely not overpowering.

    Where is Neward anyway?


  • val


    those round IKEA underlays which were planned to look as a sphere lamp are just ridiculous.

    C’mon – this is so obviously FAKE ))

  • Anonymous

    American beer is pretty weak

  • g

    the premiumocity of this project is off the charts…

  • Matty D

    Anybody else digging the Miller Lite tap in the 4th picture? A Heineken Lounge serving Miller? Come on!

  • W

    Its not refeshing my parts.

  • Claudia

    The round lamps are actually Moooi by Bertjan Pot. Quite collectible really.

  • simon

    How cool! So muich nicer than tbe usual airport dives!
    LOVE the bottles as the bar!
    Well done Heineken and Uxus!

  • Well done UXUS, yet another tasteful and stylish design. Hope more airports will implement it. Looking forward for more of your beautiful work.

  • Manu

    Simple materials , simple furniture and simple lights… it means design low cost. To realize something interesting with a limited budget is a real challenge! And in this way I find this project successful.
    Keep up the good work UXUS

  • r

    finally, the dutch make their return to the new netherlands to deposit a seed of not stunning, but at least tasteful design. its a very good start.