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Stockholm Design Week 09: Swedish lighting brand Wästberg launches a new collection, including pieces by Ilse Crawford, Carlo Colombo (above) and Claesson Koivisto Rune (below), at Stockholm Furniture Fair this week.


The lighting brand was launched in Stockholm last year. See the inaugural collection in our previous story.

Top image: Colombo w092t - LED table lamp by Carlo Colombo. Above: Claesson Koivisto Rune w091t - LED table lamp by Claesson Koivisto Rune.

Stockholm Furniture Fair opens today and continues until Sunday. Above: Studioilse w093w - Halogen IRC wall lamp by Ilse Crawford.


Above and below: Young w094t - LED table lamp by Michael Young (see our previous story).

Here's some more infromation from Wästberg:


Stockholm Furniture Fair, Stand C 05:21

The four new lamps are designed by Claesson Koivisto Rune, Carlo Colombo, Ilse Crawford and Michael Young.

Claesson Koivisto Rune w091t - LED table lamp

Two feet. Two lungs. Two brain-halves. Two eyes… Supported and held together with a spine. The idea of a pair is fundamental to the human body, as in other parts of nature. Central, single elements for poise, twin elements on either side for balance. There is our lamp. Organic design.


Above: Colombo w092t - LED table lamp by Carlo Colombo

The way to package/present the non-material light has always been a challenge. This lamp leaves the typical form of a task lamp with its often complicated mechanism and adjustibilities trying to capture the light in a softer way, like a leaf directing the light on the working place. The technique is hidden behind soft floating forms allowing the user an intuitive approach while keeping the form pure/clean.

Studioilse w093w - Halogen IRC wall lamp
Humans have different needs for light. From a intimate - personal light, to a light to share. Starting from the desk light, we developed a wall light which is about the communal aspect of lighting and joins us around the table. It is a grown up friend of the desk light, as they share the same innate awkwardness but with an own personality.

Young w094t - LED table lamp

Working with Wästberg has given me the unique opportunity to take a fresh approach to the design of desk light typologies. Inspired by new factories I have discovered over the last years in Asia. I found a number of technologies that I believe have enabled me to create some freshness and unique functions. The arm of this design is simple, extruded and then stamped a process unique from the bicycle industry that offers fresh context to the design market. The star shape stem pivots its way through 6 positions around a 360-degree axis. It is certainly an engineered product inspired by my passions with industrial process and production innovation.

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  • jed_

    i LOVE ilse crawford’s counterbalance light.

  • Matt

    Great to see more products coming from this company. One very big problem though. After a year of searching I am still unable to find the last Ilse Crawford lamp. Now there is a new one that no one will be able to purchase. Great! If anyone knows an online store please post the link. This is just teasing me now.

  • Daniel

    Design within Reach have the Wästberg collection!

  • T

    twentytwentyone also