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Stockholm Design Week 09: Swedish designers Gabriella Gustafson & Mattias Ståhlbom of TAF Arkitektkontor created an installation of wooden office furniture at Nordic light Hotel in Stockholm last week.


The concept was developed for furniture producer RH Chairs, and is used in their showrooms and trade fair stands (also designed by TAF).


"The wooden furniture works as a low tech contrast to the highly functional and ergonomic RH Chairs," says Ståhlbom.


During Stockholm Design Week the furniture was on show as part of the Swedish Style exhibition at the Light Factory in the Nordic light Hotel.





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  • Klaus

    I just love it, as i’m in love with all the works of TAF Arkitektkontor seen here on DeZeen!!

  • NemanjaV*

    so ugly

  • I’ts not bad. It just looks like a high school shop project. What’s professional about it?

  • juta

    I like it.

  • Hello there, you look a bit like me, do you talk?. My name’s Bob, how are you?

  • Joe

    I like the wood lamp, but I think the appeal would be limited to rural residents and craftspeople… it’s pretty crude compared to the current era of curvy globs everwhere. Better watch for slivers though lol. I’d buy as long as the price reflects the style (doubt it)

  • WM

    Did Konnie Huq make this? Actually I like it.

  • nv

    If the main point of the design is the use of wood I think that they should have designed the articulaiton of the pieces instead of joining them with a screw. It would make it more delicate (plus challenging)

  • zed

    Heard about this wooden lamp, it wooden work

  • JC

    These pieces of furniture are for a showrom, it has not been designed to be saled, I like the concept, it is simple and straight forward. And TAF achieved a really nice contrast with very little use of effects.

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  • playcheckers

    nothing special about this at all. excessive use of material.

  • Ken

    Looks kinda cool. The chair is nice, I have one myself.