The Pixel Hirschgasse by Thomas Feichtner



Austrian designer Thomas Feichtner has completed an interior called The Pixel Hirschgasse for the Pixelhotel project in Linz, Austria.


Pixelhotel is a Linz 2009 European Capital of Culture project, which converts individual rooms throughout the city into unconventional hotel rooms for the year.  The Pixel Hirschgasse is located at the Simone Feichtner Gallery.


Feichtner designed furniture and artwork for the project, including Mayas Bed (above).


The following information is from Thomas Feichtner:


The Pixel Hirschgasse

The Pixel Hotel is an architecture project for Linz09. Individual rooms located throughout the city of Linz were adapted as hotel rooms for the year as European Capital of Culture. Each of the hotel rooms - six to date - has a different design. The Austrian designer Thomas Feichtner designed the Hirschgasse 17 Pixel, which is located on the premises of the Simone Feichtner Gallery in downtown Linz. The furniture designed for this purpose should not be seen as fixtures but as individual showpieces, and they should be used. The walls of the gallery display the artwork and pictures by Thomas Feichtner.

The Brazil-born artist Thomas Feichtner lives and works in Linz with his wife Simone Feichtner. A graduate from the University of Art and Industrial Design, Linz, he created a number of products for traditional manufactories and craft enterprises and received international design awards. In his work Thomas Feichtner takes an experimental approach to designing objects and is in constant pursuit of a strategy, keeping his distance from globalization and mass production. His work focuses on cultural and artistic aspects of design, formal development and a break with a purely functional appreciation of design. His work was featured in exhibitions at the Triennale di Milano, the Museum for Applied Arts in Vienna, and the Gansevoort Gallery in New York.

Pixel Hotel Linz

Pixelhotel is a Linz 2009 European Capital of Culture project.
Pixelhotel invites its guests to spend their stay in Linz residing in not-your-everyday accommodations—in a Pixelhotel providing a very unconventional sort of lodging. The individual rooms and suites are dispersed throughout the entire city. Here, a room’s situated in an old storefront; there, it’s in a former workshop set on a backstreet courtyard or on a ship. All over town, there are interesting but unused premises that are being converted into hotel rooms in conjunction with this urban development and architectural project. They’re in nice residential areas, downtown, industrial zones and working-class neighborhoods—after all, every part of town has its stories to tell and the Pixelhotel lets guests experience them right up close.

A Pixel is the smallest unit of the hotel. For breakfast, though, guests have to leave the premises and make their way to one of the cafés located nearby. Same goes for lunch and dinner: you’re called upon to take city map and transit system pass in hand and discover the culinary pleasures the city has to offer. Thus, the restaurants of Linz serve as the hotel’s dining room, and neighborhood pubs with their local color more than make up for the absence of a lobby bar.

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  • interesting, clean and pleasant!

  • Marcus

    Those chairs are super elegant

  • enjoyable design by a plasant designer!
    and the pictures complete the effect properly

    good work, thomas!

  • b_s_k

    I like it a lot. fantastic.

  • BB

    Yes, I wonder if they’re also super-comfortable?

  • katie

    clean, creative and funny. great! I love it

  • playcheckers


  • peh

    Yeah..grüße aus Kiel!

  • andreas

    i love thous chairs
    grate work

  • croftdesign

    to “playcheckers”:

    if you think this is ‘underdeveloped’ you may enjoy this guy Brajkovic::

    Or, maybe you belong in the past::

    ..get with the program…

  • Matty D

    How novel! A photo that actually demonstates a person sitting on said furniture! About time someone caught on to all the commentary.

    Very Nice work too, like the chairs more so than the bed/bench.

  • Mayas Bed

    I’m awkward, and you’ll need a bloody big door to get me thru’! Did you know I’ve been an extra in Star Trek and Star Wars? Lucas and me, we’re this >< close.

  • G Zavaleta

    The thing that catches my attention the most is not really the design elements in the room, but the idea of disgregate a hotel into various rooms located in distinct parts of a city. The whole idea of picturing a hotel into a set of pixels and separating them in order to make the visitor in touch with the city they’re in and live in the city they’re visiting is very refreshing and an example many citys around the world should follow and embrace. I think it’s a great way to show the city and the places we should take in mind, even if these places are not the first choice to stay in. Inviting a person to live the life this city has, to go to the places most people enjoy, and to show them a piece of the city’s culture is an excellent way to improve tourisim and culture.

    As for the furniture in the pictures, those two black chairs look great, but I also wonder whereas they’re comfortable… And man, what an oversized sofa in there!