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Stockholm Design Week 09: designer Daniel Hedner of Imaginary Office presented three prototypes at the Greenhouse young designers' showcase at Stockholm Furniture Fair earlier this month, including this sofa called Pleats Pleats.


Pleats Pleats (above) that consists of 19 strips of upholstered polyurethane foam, woven around a powder-coated steel frame.


Mini lamp (above) is made from powder-coated aluminium and brass, while the Ribbon side table (below) comprises a nine metre aluminium strip wrapped into a cube shape.


"All products are our first prototypes and are now entering a phase two, where we hope to improve material quality, usability,
sustainability and producer friendlyness," says Hedner.


Here's some text from Imaginary Office:


Pleats Pleats
A sofa where precision steel meets handicrafts. Take a seat in a weave of clothed polyurethane foam, that wraps around a white powder coated steel pipe frame in a macramé style. Technical foam produced and sponsored by Recticel.


Mini Lamp
A tall matte white armature on springy legs. It reaches over most people’s heads and creates an enveloping feeling when sitting under its large lamp shade.


A continuous ribbon in brushed aluminium, wraps around itself to create a sidetable that plays with the eye. Despite the solid metal construction, the light material minimises the weight to only 10 kg.


Imaginary Office is a young design and architecture studio.

The company was founded by Daniel Hedner in 2008 with the ambition to act as a playground for new ideas and to creatively explore design, form, architecture and materials.


The goal with our design is to use simple materials in unexpected combinations and dimensions to provide it with a unique and strong identity. Shiny, matt, hard and cold, contrasting with soft, billowing and warm.


Who we are

Daniel Hedner, Jesper Hedner and Karl Sandoval. Three brothers; one company. Siblingship in the design and architecture spheres is not uncommon and for brotherhood we’re in good company with Campana’s and Bouroullec’s to name a

Born Hedner, the middle one is now Sandoval after having picked up his wife’s name.


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  • Piper Maxwell

    The Pleats Pleats sofa looks like it would be a wonderfully tactile experience! The hard, cold arm rests interrupts it’s harmony, however, I think. I’d like to see it reworked just a little differently, and it could be a really outstanding piece.

  • rik

    So retro; it has a seventies feel.
    I personally hope this seventies revival is a goner soon.

  • modular

    The lamp is outstanding. Not so sure about the other objects……..

  • mikaël

    that sofa looks tasty, I wanna eat it…. mmmmm

  • scruces

    Love the Lamp

  • Nooma

    The yellow chair looks outdated already. Although i dig the lamp

  • SL


  • playcheckers

    yes this is good stuff! the steel stool not so much but yes good stuff!

  • Lovely designs and execution.

  • tiffany

    I love variations on variations of variations of the original……

  • Joe

    great texture on that yellow lounge

  • zuy

    I’ m agree with all the comments, i’m not negative with a new talent

  • This post has good and valuable information, thank you.

  • The steel seat caught my attention, especially with it’s placement outside. Very dramatic and works well as decorative art and seating.