Shift Housing by AquiliAlberg



Milan architects AquiliAlberg have sent us these renderings of their Shift Housing project, currently under construction in Cremona, Italy.


The front elevation of the building is characterised by a shift in the orientation of the two storeys; the ground floor is rotated four degrees anticlockwise, while the first floor is rotated four degrees clockwise.


The loggias overlook a protected park.


Below is some more information from AquiliAlberg:


With a play of perspectives, the concept challenges the constraints given by a very small and narrow site and by the local area regulations.


Playing with two opposing rotation angles of 4°, the two floors are shifted. The ground floor front facade is elevated from the ground 1.2m and rotated anticlockwise.


The first floor front facade is rotated clockwise, the results are two volumes with an x direction visible on the front side. Created also for structural needs, the gap between the two volumes is a strong mark which emphasize the perspectives.


The open cantilevered loggias creates a strong dialogue and a contrast between full and empty, lightness and dynamism.


The view towards the natural park, a protected area, has determined the orientation of the building.



Below: basement


Below: ground floor


Below: first floor


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  • james

    Angles for angles’ sake.

  • djvd

    Does these building only have one side? Poor railing-detailling and in the future the gap between the two floors will become really dirty.

    BTW great to see the plans with this dimensions. Much better than the drawings published previously.

  • Filip

    Hi, very nice, but what is happening on the other side???

  • Would love to see more than 10 very similar exterior perspectives.. how about some interiors? Fantastic yellow accents to brighten up the space ..great!

  • DWR

    In Italy it’s a deep conquest…means that finally something is changing.

    We will speack more about the shift housing as a important step for italian reality in few years…sure.

    Greeting & Good Luck to AquiliAlberg.

  • guillermo

    where is the other facade???

  • It sucks! In France, we have already a lot of this type of architecture, and and in time, it becomes really ugly. I think it’s a bed project, today every knows that this type of concept in concrete ages bad…
    If you think a little bit, you see that the sun’s light can’t enter into the building, but i suppose that people wants somme natural lighting in there house…
    “Playing with two opposing rotation angles of 4°”, IT’S NOT A CONCEPT!!!

  • FN

    “Milan architects AquiliAlberg have sent us these renderings of their Shift Housing project”… and I would like to ask them why?

  • Anonymous

    finally something new and different in boring suburban communities

  • Complimenti! davvero un bel progetto, le piante sono molto interessanti.

  • xela

    Another Great post!! Congrats AquiliAlberg.

    A very dynamic design, and an inspired solution in tackling space and the elements.

    I’m sure we will be seeing more of your stuff.
    Keep it up.

    Ps: Great RENDERS!!

  • Polarors

    Great Architecture Guys keep it up!!

    As for Satan, lets hope he stays in France with the ugly buildings.
    I suggest you have some respect towards peoples work, unless you have something better to show.

    Enough with him. Well done Guys Ill be waiting for more.

    ;) Ciao AquiliAlberg

  • M

    hehehehe… the comments……….
    but i agree with most people here, whats up with the other side???
    and the gap in between the floors???? dont get it??? what is it, a dust collector??

    and for the italians saying that this proyect is really good…well, no comments,.

  • Matt

    4 degrees, hmm, so what. Choosing perspectives in your 3d model that show this, even more so what. No human will ever see that angle from above. I like the railing detail if it happens and yes! what about that other facade? Too much emphasis on 4 degrees. What does that achieve?

  • Fountainhead

    @ Polarors: If this is great architecture, i don’t wanna know what’s bad. A bad effort to make simple architecture something special. Painting the inside of the loggias is not brilliant work. What’s the conceptional idea?????

  • Everyone can see that the parking is done down a tight, dead-end corridor. Squeezing your vehicle in down there looks nightmarish. I would hate to be living in the last unit, not having anyway to back my car out of that mess.

    I generally do not get into criticizing form based design, unless details such as this one, are horrendously overlooked. The spaces between floors could be used for ventilation, we don’t know from the renders, we don’t have all details.

    I guess what is most strange for me, besides the Hades parking scheme, is that the form suggests a framed view. The renderings show your generic forest of trees. I suppose it would be nice to have some context of the neighborhood besides the pretty muted house forms. I might appreciate this concept more with views of a real place.

  • Daniele

    What is the criteria for the posts published here?
    Do not show anything that will ruin the credibility of Dezeen!
    We are big fans of Dezeen but we are really disappointed with the choice of this post.
    Can someone please explain?

  • james

    the gap between the floors is a bird poop distribution center. look out below!

  • sc

    not sensible

  • Polarors, i’m not the only one on this blog to think that.
    And i have a lot of respect for people’s work. But i think it’s worst to say “it’s cool” when it’s bad! I’m sorry but i am sure, it’s horrible to live in this “bunker”. And when i see what architects are doing in nederland, deutchland, switzerland…
    To finish, i think that wee don’t have to be better to critic, as a coach with his team or player…

  • Francesca Venezia

    Felice di non aver frequentato il politecnico di Milano (Nice to not attended Milan s Politecnico)

  • Roland

    I´m an italian architect and I personally don´t like this project.
    IMHO It looks like a student project without soul and without concept, an example of bad formalism with poor detailing.
    It would be great to see the other side too.

    Sperando di vedervi la prossima volta con un´opera piu´ convincente vi invio i migliori auguri di buon lavoro. Ciao

  • Cesare

    Bello vedere che anche in italia si possono fare progetti interessanti, anche quando clienti e burocrazia fanno di tutto per mettere i bastoni tra le ruote. Certo che in un sito cosi’ stretto e lungo essere riusciti a farci stare appartamenti e garages…

    Curious to see the construction …

  • Dafne

    Balanced, colorfull, dynamic and friendly…actually I like it!…just courious like you guys to see the back…are they still rendering it?