Hermitage Plaza by Foster + Partners



Architects Foster + Partners have unveiled plans for a new mixed-use development in Paris at real estate summit MIPIM in Cannes, France.


Called Hermitage Plaza, the project will comprise two 323 meter towers incorporating a hotel, spa, apartments, offices and retail space.

Here are some more details from Foster + Partners:


Foster + Partners unveils designs for new mixed-use community in Paris at MIPIM

Hermitage Plaza will create a new community to the east of La Défense, in Courbevoie, that extends down to the river Seine with cafés, shops and a sunny public plaza at its heart. Revealed by Foster + Partners at MIPIM in Cannes, the project incorporates two 323-metre-high buildings – the tallest mixed-use towers in Western Europe – which will establish a distinctive symbol for this new urban destination on the Paris skyline.

The result of a close collaboration with EPAD, the City of Courbevoie, Atelier de Paysage Urbain and Département de Hauts-de-Seine, the project is intended to inject life into the area east of La Défense by creating a sustainable, high-density community. Due to start on site in 2010 and complete by the end of 2014, the two towers accommodate a hotel, spa, panoramic apartments, offices and serviced apartments, as well as shops at the base.

Forming two interlocking triangles on plan, the buildings face one another at ground level. Open and permeable to encourage people to walk through the site, the towers enclose a public piazza which establishes the social focus. As they rise, the towers transform, turning outward to address views across Paris. The glazed façade panels catch the light, the sun animating different facets of the buildings as it changes direction throughout the day. The angle of the panels promotes self-shading and vents can be opened to draw fresh air inside, contributing to an environmental strategy that targets a BREEAM ‘excellent’ rating. The diagrid structure is not only highly efficient - doing more with less - but it emphasises the elegant proportions of the towers.

A crystal-shaped podium building contains office space, with two detached satellite buildings housing a gallery and auditorium that further extend the public realm. The piazza – created by burying the existing busy road beneath a landscaped deck – slopes gently downward to the water’s edge, which is lined with new cafés and restaurants. Locking into the existing Courbevoie and EPAD masterplans, the project will reinforce the regeneration of the riverfront.

Norman Foster said:
“Hermitage Plaza will create a 24-hour community that will regenerate the riverfront and inject new life into a predominantly commercial part of the city. A light catching addition to the Paris skyline, the development will also provide a public piazza that leads down to the river’s edge to create a new destination for the city.”

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  • matt

    FUCK what is this?
    3 towers have already been canceled in La Defense, Foster shrunk his office by 30%, tons of buildings in the world are on hold, and we’re meant to believe that they’re planning a new tower?

  • Partick Bateman

    i would like to see images of the piazza as this is the most interesting part of the design.

    the buildings? just two towers really.

  • chuck

    trop naze

  • tommi

    it looks juz little bit different from their proposal for ground zero

  • pop

    more twin towers???!!!!

  • SB

    Kissing towers once again

  • joushua

    2 towers with one stone,
    by the way the other office building behind looks like kpf tower in london, probably a kfc design

  • Osito

    How can this be proposed at this time? The Paris condo market is in the dumps, and the suburbs are worse. Who would finance this?

  • glue

    It looked better with the horizontal bridge linking the towers in “H” shape.

  • Tofy

    kissing towers again & again, and then…

  • Scott

    Is anyone familiar with the british sign of defiance, exhibited by longbow archers?

    Two fingers, raised high into the air.

  • jean Claude

    I just wonder how can you ” establish a distinctive symbol for this new urban destination on the Paris “, when acttially the DISTINCTIVE SYMBOL of la Defence is La Grande Arche , and will always be ,which is sitting on a clear perspective from the champs elysee..And the urban destination is now the Espanade de la Defense,not an imaginary “SUNNY” plazza suizzed in between two Copy Paste towers>Jacques Ferrier `s proposal was so much more URBAN than this extrusion…

  • Nm

    Just what the world needs, more generic towers.

  • matt

    actually the proposal in itself is not that generic, it looks like an innovative structure.
    i don’t believe Foster’s office would ever design something generic like a core+slabs tower…

  • Jean Claude

    Matt, you can not even imagine. how Foster and Partners are capable of doing generic proposals..I would actually call it Copy-Paste Generism…They do lots of generic CORE+SLABS towers…and mostly are using old projects and make them up with new, texture, colour, structure…and by saying that DO BELIEVE ME, i have a very trustful sorces

    • johnny

      i think matt was joking, or at least i hope he was!

  • marianne

    I’m so tired of that kind of design… faux-techno-towers glowing in the dark (very nice idea… aren’t we trying to limitate that kind of lighting polution ?) showing bold structure and a lot and a lot and a lot of glass and yeah, slabs.

    We are ready for something else. We are bored of generic tower propositions. Small projects are much more inventive these years, much more sensitive, and in line with the actual economic status of the world.

  • marianne

    it looks like a last try to fake economic healthiness…